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The Next Big Thing … Daily Fantasy Sports.


Imagine yourself on the edge of your seat watching a game, hanging on every play and knowing that your fantasy baseball matchup with Team X will be decided by this game. And not will you just win or lose your matchup, you’ll win or lose money. Real money. Side note: Completely legal.

No, this isn’t championship week at the end of a season, it’s just a normal day in the regular season. This is the basis of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), the hottest ticket in the fantasy sports world.

Daily Fantasy Sports in a Nutshell

For the majority of DFS sites, here is how it works:

  • You are given a salary cap
  • Every player has a salary, based on his level of skill, hot streak, etc
  • You must fill your roster with players and stay under the salary cap
  • Your roster is then matched up with someone else’s roster

Reasons for DFS Popularity

People are winning match ups and tournaments every day, thus elevating the importance of regular season games. There is a “championship” type feel to the day, knowing what’s at stake. And for a Wednesday in July, that’s a pretty good feeling.

Also, there is a chance to start fresh every day. So while you’re sitting in last place in your work league, you still have a shot to feel like a winner.

Plus, there typically is money involved. So for those that (think they) know more than everyone else, this a chance to “put your money where your mouth is.”

What are the major DFS sites?

Type of Play

Head-to-Head – Set your lineup and see how it compares to someone else’s lineup

Tournaments – this ranges from 3 entries to 1000′s of entries. The risk is greater, but so is the reward.

50/50 – The top half of the league wins and the bottom half loses. So if ten teams are participating, the top 5 scores all win the same amount and the bottom 5 scores…well…lost.

Tips for Beginners:

Start slow. Every site has the option to play for free. Get the feel for the site and scoring before you deposit a wad of money.

Avoid Sharks. Believe it or not, there are pro DFS players that are waiting for rookies to come on so they can take their money.

Get help. There are plenty of sites that offer help and advice for daily games. RotoGrinders provides the most interactive tools. Other great sites include LuDawgs, OneSiteFantasy, and ReUp Sports. You can never get too little information. If multiple sites recommend the same player, then you should probably play that player.

Keep up with the day’s lineup. Nothing is worse than starting a player who is taking the day off, injured, etc. Keep up via Twitter or through RotoGrinders or RotoInfo.com. Also check out FantasyAlarm.com for breaking news and lineup alarms.

Have you played on Daily Fantasy Sports Sites? If so, what was your experience and what is your favorite place to play?

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