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Have We Found the Ultimate Fantasy Football Trophy?

A trophy is usually rewarded to someone for a specific achievement, most often in the world of sports. A Fantasy Football trophy is the greatest memento of a season gone right for thousands of owners across the country.

Der Gral 2012 Champ, Fantasy Football TrophyA reader recently sent me a link to his website to show me what he believes to be the ultimate Fantasy Football trophy. The “Der Gral Von Graf” is a German phrase that means – “The Guy That Drafted Adrian Peterson.”

Sorry, that’s incorrect.

The phrase, “Der Gral Von Graf” is a German phrase that means “The Cup of the Duke!”

Either way, that trophy is handed out to the champion of the Die Steiniger Meisterschaft-Liga Fantasy Football League. (It just rolls off the tongue! Who ever said the German language wasn’t romantic!?!)

“The Cup of the Duke”

It’s a custom-made trophy, with placards with both the Fantasy Super Bowl winners from every year of the league’s existence. They post the Fantasy Super Bowl losers on the trophy also, “so that the devastating loss can be rubbed in at family gatherings,” said Hans Steiniger, the league’s commissioner.

Ultimate Fantasy Football Trophy, Der Gral von Graf

“Der Gral von Graf” (or “The Cup of the Duke” might just be the greatest Fantasy trophy of all time!

This Fantasy Football trophy stands over 25 inches tall and weighs over 27 pounds. Steiniger has been playing Fantasy Football for over 20 years. “As far as my friends were concerned,” he says on his website, “I might as well be casting 100 sided dies and flipping through the latest edition of the Dungeon Master’s Guide. It was the early nineties and nobody knew what Fantasy Football was back then.”

He decided to start a league for his own family back in 2009, called, Die Steiniger Meisterschaft-Liga, which means, “Steiniger Championship League” in German … which is weird, because they’re Mexican. Actually, I’ll have to fact check that one.

“The problem with our league,” Steiniger wrote, “was that there was no real incentive. Many of our players were in other leagues and saw the family league as a developmental league … a great opportunity for the inexperienced to get their feet wet.” He said there was no trash talk – or even friendly banter, and that was unacceptable.

“I decided we needed a traveling trophy, but not just any trophy,” he said. “It would have to be an original, steeped in tradition with a connection to our German roots (translation, it needed to be something we could drink beer out of).”

Fantasy Football Trophy Greatness

He used an AutoCAD terminal to design “Der Gral von Graf,” which happens to remotely resemble Lord Stanley’s Cup for the NHL winner.

Ultimate Fantasy Football Trophy, Heisman Hans

“Heisman Hans” would certainly be the No. 1 overall draft pick in a Fantasy Trophy League.

The one-of-a-kind trophy has an oak base, with inscription plates on several sides, as well as “Heisman Hans,” the resin statue inside the trophy’s base. He’s a leather helmet-wearing, remote control and six-pack holding armchair quarterback that resembles most Fantasy Football players (and writers).

They also built a battery operated LED light that shines down on Heisman Hans from inside the trophy’s base.

The final touch is an audio module that plays the Monday Night Football theme song every time it’s activated.

Kudos, Hans Steiniger! Well done! This writer has never seen a trophy as impressive as the Der Gral von Graf, and it’s quite possible, I never will.

Have you ever seen a bigger/better Fantasy Football trophy? I’d love to see some pictures of yours – even if they aren’t quite as amazing as this one. Let us know what you’ve got in the comments below.

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