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TWIFS, Fantasy Sports Links - Tony Romo

#TWIFS: TV, Radio and Podcasts Aplenty

Another week has passed, which means we’re only five weeks or so away from filling out your Fantasy Football lineups for your very first win of 2013 – or loss, whatever. Once again, I look at the best Fantasy Sports links of the week, sharing some of the best web work of the week! Let’s dig in to “This Week in Fantasy Sports!”

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5 Things I Love

Finding Out Young Guys Might Be Old, Too

On Monday, I’ll turn 42 years old. That means any baby that was born on the day I became legal to drink – is now legal to drink. I will go and punch any 21-year-old having his first beer that day.

But Thomas McFeeley of RotoExperts.com wonders if 33 years old is too old for a Fantasy QB. Specifically, he breaks down Tony Romo, and that “the risk of injury and the chance as modest to significant regression should be considered at age 33.”

My back hurts.

By the way, congrats to the RotoExperts for their recent acquisition by Anthem Media Group earlier this week! They’ll be rolling out a Fantasy Sports Television Network – and life just got better for all of us!

The Giovani Bernard Buzz Gets Greater

I’ve been reluctant to jump on the Giovani Bernard bandwagon, mostly because he wasn’t a first-round NFL Draft talent and now Fantasy writers are fawning all over him like he’s Trent Richardson from last season. The differences, however, are great in my mind, mostly due to the fact he still has to contend with incumbent starter BenJarvus Green-Ellis. (Remember how all of that went for David Wilson last year?) But TheFantasyFix.com’s Alan Harrison presents some pretty strong arguments for Bernard’s immediate Fantasy Future.

Twitter Update on Yesterday’s Fantasy Baseball

@ChrisMeaney is going to start posting articles on LockerRoomFantasySports.com where he lists several great tweets from the night before that explain the day’s baseball action. Great way to recap the night! (Check out the free LRFS Fantasy Football Draft Guide, also. I have a couple contributions in there amongst the three dozen links.)

Fantasy Basketball is Starting to Gear Up

Tommy Beer is working on a Top Six Series over at HoopsWorld.com, and he listed the Top 6 NBA Centers, with five more honorable mentions. Jon Koncak was not listed, however. (I’m jacked up to get involved in some Daily Fantasy Basketball this season, too.)

Listening to Fantasy Football Podcasts During Work

Our Davis Mattek breaks down his seven favorite Fantasy Football podcasts he likes to listen to (I’ll cut him some slack that he didn’t mention the “Fantasy Fatcast,” with myself, Brett Tresky and SI.com’s Eric Mack.

Bonus Thing I Love: White Welkers

For the combination Fantasy Football player/”Game of Thrones” fan, this comes courtesy of the bright minds of the Fantasy Football Reddit. O_herro_internet designed this team logo:

White Welkers, Fantasy Sports Links, TWIFS

5 Things I Hate

Different Standard Scoring: 4 pts & 6 pts for Passing TDs

Greg Sauce over at TheFakeFootball.com takes a hard look at the differences between 4-pt passing TD leagues and 6-pt passing TD leagues. (Did you know the standard scoring on CBS, ESPN and Yahoo! are all different for QBs!?! Preposterous!) The average PPG difference for the main group of Fantasy starting QBs is 3.300 PPG between these two scoring styles. Read on!


We saw in recent weeks at least three wide receivers go down with different injuries, including Percy Harvin (hip), Jeremy Maclin (knee) and now Stevie Johnson (hamstring). NumberFire.com’s Alex Hampl did a great job of looking ahead of the injury curve with running backs, to see “5 Running Backs an Injury Away From a Breakout Season.”

That I’m Not in a 2-QB League … Yet

One of the latest evolutions of the Fantasy game (or I should say, one of the latest things to become popular) are Two-QB Fantasy leagues. These are leagues that start two quarterbacks every week, which is obviously going against the attempt to become more like an NFL game than most Fantasy games. JuanElway.com looks at the ADP of these leagues, with help from @2QBFFB and @Curacaobleu.

Robert Turbin’s Not as Good as I Thought?

I was a huge fan of last year’s rookie Seahawks running back, owning him in every league I had Marshawn Lynch in, and a few that I didn’t have him in. RotoWorld.com’s Evan Silva went back and watched every one of Turbin’s 114 carries, and came up with these observations.

Howard Stern Has No Clue What Fantasy is About

Stern had ESPN’s Matthew Berry on this past week for a good 40 minutes or so, to talk about Berry’s book, “Fantasy Life,” and to discuss the Stern staff Fantasy Football league. It was evident that Bababooey set this whole thing up, in spite of Stern’s indifference, and it turned into some great trash talk between a few of the league members. Berry, understandably so, was excitedly talking to Stern (someone Berry credits for his success) like a Fantasy fan would that finally got to meet Berry. Stern, meanwhile, couldn’t believe someone could make a living as a Fantasy Sports personality. We’ll give him a pass because we know he’s a huge dork into comics and superheroes, and not-so-much into sports.

But Berry’s presence on Stern’s show is a big moment for Fantasy Sports in general. This ranks up there with the first time broadcasters began to acknowledge Fantasy scoring during an NFL game, or when Jim Rome finally shut up about this game being for losers. (By the way, he did a complete 180 once his bosses realized how much money is behind Fantasy Sports, and suddenly, he was a Fantasy proponent! I love that Jay Mohr replaced that douche.)

Featured Photo Credit: Matt_Cordon12

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