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Fantasy Review: FantasyBuzzer.com


I am a fantasy sports degenerate of the highest order. On a Friday night, you are liable to find me sitting at my laptop, boring over a spreadsheet, or going through twitter, desperately combing for fantasy football news. I probably don’t live a very healthy lifestyle; luckily for you, you don’t have to go through the same rigorous time commitment to know all of the happenings of the fantasy football world. Fantasy Buzzer is here to do it for. So what, exactly is Fantasy Buzzer? Well, the company explains it this way.

Fantasy Buzzer is the first service that simplifies fantasy football team management by importing your teams from any major fantasy football provider (Yahoo, ESPN, NFL, CBS) and aggregating news articles catered to your teams.  The service sends the user up-to-date personalized alerts or “buzzers,” including injury alerts and roster recommendations via push notifications and or email. We also feature a community section that is specifically designed to answer non-trivial questions like who to start this week or if a trade offer is fair. This is a perfect service for fantasy sports novices, as well as diehard enthusiasts with multiple teams across different Fantasy Football providers. Fantasy Buzzer helps fantasy sports buffs manage their teams and make opportune decisions through real time team alerts, personalized news, and community feedback

Essentially, this is the perfect tool for someone who doesn’t make their life trolling the internet for fantasy football news. Busy week at the office? Just check Fantasy Buzzer out on the iPad before you crash for the night and you’ll be caught up on whats happening with your players. Midterms making it so that you can’t research to see if a trade value is fair? Throw it up to the community on Fantasy Buzzer and get some unbiased opinions.

Perhaps the real value in the Fantasy Buzzer service is that they will even send you text message alerts, personalized to your lineups, on Sunday mornings. So, if you were out celebrating on Saturday night and only have 15 minutes before kickoff to finalize your lineups, the Buzzer guys have your back. Maybe you made the mistake of drafting Ryan Mathews at some point. When he inevitably gets injured, you’ll be able to find out very early in the morning which way his questionable status is leaning.

Don’t have time or desire to be a degenerate? Then check out Fantasy Buzzer.

About Davis Mattek

Davis Mattek is a 20 year old English major at Kansas State University who founded his own website, Sports Wunderkind, late in 2012. In addition to running his own site, Davis is a full-time contributor at Fantasysports.org and a part time contributor at Dynasty League Football, The Fantasy Fix and Rotoviz.

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