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Best Fantasy Football Draft Apps For iPad

6 Best Fantasy Football Draft Apps For iPads in 2013

While Fantasy Football draft apps certainly make your draft easier, you still have to get the right ones and know how to use it.

Have you ever noticed how the easier life becomes, other things become more difficult? For instance, you’ll buy a brand new car with automatic transmission, power door locks and a computer that tells us if something’s wrong. But now you can’t pop the clutch, use a coat-hanger as a key or fix the car yourself.

That’s how iPad apps for Fantasy Football drafts can work – either very helpful or more harm than good. So I went and found six of the best ones for you to check out.

6 Best iPad Fantasy Football Draft Apps

FootballGuys Fantasy Football Magazine Draft Kit 2013 – $4.99

iPad only (iPhone users can buy the “FootballGuys Fantasy Football Draft GM 2013″ on its own for $2.99)

Both apps are compatible with the iPad, but the iPhone version has fewer features. If you have an iPad, you will want to chip in the extra $2 — I promise. They even created a video to explain how awesome this app is.

This “magazine” is adjusted and updated throughout the preseason, as news and injuries happen, by a staff of more than 40 writers. You’ll get over 200 articles, helping everyone from beginners to experts to dynasty owners. Use it for your IDP draft or an auction.

As far as the Draft GM section itself, you’ll get recommendations for each pick, using their dynamic value-based drafting algorithms.

This is my choice for the top draft app for the money.

FootballGuys - Fantasy Football Draft Apps for iPad

RotoWire Fantasy Football Draft Kit 2013 – $4.99

iPad and iPhone

I’m a big fan of the RotoWire Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit, also. One of the best features for this app is that you can check off players as they are being drafted, and their cheat sheet is generated off of whatever league scoring settings you put in. You can also manually rank the players the way you want them.

You’ll have the ability to do mock drafts against the computer, as well, and this app supports IDP drafts.

Rotowire, ipad apps for Fantasy Football Drafts

NFL Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet 2013 — $2.99

iPad and iPhone

Twenty years ago, I never thought I’d see something called, “The official Fantasy cheat sheet of the National Football league.” But here we are!

This iPad app has a pick recommendation engine, based on their value-based drafting algorithm.  You’ll also be able to do mock drafts, and adjust the app according to your league’s settings and scoring.

You’ll also be able to use this app for your auction drafts and your IPD leagues.

NFL Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet 2013, iPad apps for Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football Draft Assistant 2013 – $0.99

iPad and iPhone

This one doesn’t have the same aesthetic beauty of the other apps, and it doesn’t offer much feature-wise. But – it does cost less than one dollar. You’ll be able to sort by positions or by MyFantasyLeague.com’s Top 300 ADP.

Fantasy Football Draft Assistant 2013, iPad Apps for Fantasy Football Drafts

ESPN Fantasy Football – Free

iPad and iPhone

Manage your ESPN Fantasy Football teams here, with the ability to do a live draft or even a live auction. You can also do mock drafts and manage your team in-season.

This app provides you with news and analysis from the ESPN Fantasy staff, and you’ll be all set up with ESPN’s FantasyCast live scoring.

ESPN Fantasy Football 2013, Fantasy Football Draft Apps for iPad

Yahoo! Fantasy Sports – Football – Free

iPad and iPhone

Matches up with your Yahoo! league, where you’ll be able to do your draft or just do some mock drafts. You’ll get breaking news, live scoring and you can do all the roster management you’ll need.

Yahoo Fantasy Football Draft Apps

Hopefully, you found something you liked out of this group of iPad apps for Fantasy Football drafts, and you’ll be one step ahead of the other owners in your league. If you know of some great Fantasy Football draft apps missing from this list, drop a comment below and let us all know!

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