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Another 8 Great Fantasy Football Draft Tools You Don’t Have to Pay For – Pt 4

Is there ever such a thing as too much help? I know if I’m swimming in the ocean, only 29 minutes after eating an Italian sub, and I start cramping and drowning – I want three teams of lifeguards and a pod of life-saving dolphins coming to my rescue. And that’s what we have for you this week – lifeguards and dolphins … and eight more free Fantasy Football draft tools that will give your Fantasy life some CPR!

This analogy has gone astray like a platypus on Wall Street.

(I have no idea what’s happening right now.)

Let’s talk draft tools!

8 More Free Fantasy Football Draft Tools

Over the past month, we’ve already shared with you three other sets of eight free Fantasy Football Draft tools, and we have even more to share for next week!

I know!

Free Fantasy Football Draft Tools: Part IPart IIPart III – Part V

25. PickemFirst App

PickEmFirst - Free Fantasy Football Draft ToolsImagine for a second that I just made your life 10 times easier. Now, multiply that times 25! This app that you download to your Internet browsers, iPhones or Android devices, will tell you which players are available or owned – ON EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE YOU READ ON EVERY SINGLE SITE!

You play Fantasy Football on CBS, but you like to read the writers on KFFL, RotoWorld and RotoExperts? Your browser will now instantly scan the page, and put little icons next to the name of each player discussed in that article to tell you if they are owned, if you own them or if they are available for pickup!

26. FFConsistency.com’s Quality Game Scores

My buddy Bob Lung, who used to write with me over at RotoExperts.com, created this site to help you weed out the inconsistent Fantasy Football players that doom teams in week-to-week play. A “Quality Game Score” is similar to a Quality Start in baseball. “The more Quality Games earned by a player, the more consistent the player is and then, finally, the more consistent the player is the more beneficial the Fantasy player is to your Fantasy team!” Spoiler alert: The top four wide receivers in most mock drafts this summer did not have the player with the highest “Quality Success Rate” from 2012. Which WR led the position with 14 Quality Games!?!

27. ProFootballTalk.com’s News and Rumors

There’s no greater source for news and rumors these days than PFT, and that has been the case for just under a decade now.  You might not get Fantasy analysis, but wouldn’t you rather know the news sooner, giving yourself a chance to make the Fantasy call rather than waiting on Fantasy sites?

28. Real-Time Alarm Emails from FantasyAlarm.com

FantasyAlarm.com - Free Fantasy Football Draft toolsThe Lite version is free, with advertising, but you’ll get updated immediately as soon as it’s known that one of your players is not in that week’s lineup and lands on the inactive list. You’ll also get an email notifying you if your player is added to the NFL injury list. You’ll get breaking information and game-time decisions, as well.

29. FootballGuys.com’s Historical Fantasy Stats

Able to go back to 1985 if you type in the year in the URL, not sure why they removed it from the listing. FYI, Roger Craig was a BEAST that year, with 15 touchdowns, over 1,000 rushing yards and 1,000 receiving yards – and 92 receptions!

30. FantasyFootballCalculator.com’s Mock Auctions

It says it’s experimental (said that last year, too, I’m pretty sure!), but they updated the tool in May, and you can now auction along with 11 of your closest fake computer team friends!

31. FantasyFootballNerd.com’s Movers and Shakers

This is a cool tool that looks over the Fantasy Football landscape to show you which players are on the rise and which players are falling in the rankings at each position. They monitor the rankings on several sites to determine the risers and fallers, and this tool, along with the PickEmFirst app seems like it would be a great in-season tool, as well. You can select a time frame you want to use, too, including seven days, 14 days, 21 days and 28 days.

32. ESPN.com’s Podcast

Matthew Berry is the face of the industry – and for good reason. He has a Hollywood background, has played Fantasy Sports for close to three decades, and he has great timing. Nate Ravitz plays the straight man perfectly, and Pod Vader keeps the show rolling.

This podcast is one of the best produced ones, as you’d imagine from ESPN, and they have fun segments, like “The Name Game,” where Ravitz names a player, then he lists off half a dozen or so other players, and Berry decides if he’d rank any of them above the initial player.

Also, since it’s ESPN, these guys get some pretty good guests to drop in once in a while. And Stephania Bell lends a female voice we often miss in our Fantasy world, and she’s an expert in her fields – injuries and Fantasy Sports!

Free Fantasy Football Draft Tools: Part I – Part II – Part III – Part V

There you have it! We might have some more great Free Fantasy Football Draft tools for you next week, but after listing 34, we’re out of breath. Tweet @DavidGonos or comment on this page to let me know about a free tool I’m missing!

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