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The Fantasy Sports industry is growing at a rapid pace. Looking on the web, there is no shortage of information/ content, leagues, events, and other cool sites that deal with fantasy sports. The goal of this site is to be a central hub for fantasy sports users.

This site’s purpose is solely dedicated to enriching the fantasy sports experience. For right now, the site will mainly focus on the three major fantasy sports:

  • Fantasy Football
  • Fantasy Baseball
  • Fantasy Basketball

Inform. Equip. Entertain.

The three areas that we will focus on is to inform, equip, and entertain the fantasy sports user.

Inform. There are so many sites dedicated to fantasy sports, that it’s hard to keep up. FantasySports.org will serve as a:

  • Directory so you can discover all the different websites and applications that cover the topics that you care about
  • News site so that you can find out about new developments (events, apps, sites, etc.) in the fantasy sports world

Equip. We want to help you take your hobby of fantasy sports to the next level by providing:

  • Draft strategies to prepare you for the upcoming season
  • League tips to enhance the fun and competition of your current league
  • Downloads to help you and your league
  • Marketplace dedicated to fantasy sports that will include apparel, books, draft kits, draft boards and more

Entertain. The reason why fantasy sports have become so popular is because it’s so fun to play. We’ll highlight:

  • Articles dealing with the fantasy sports industry
  • Featured fantasy leagues so you can see other leagues that have taken their league experience to the next level
  • Stories dealing with fantasy players’ highs and lows

What this league is NOT…

An attempt to replace the FSTA. The Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) is a vital part of the fantasy sports industry. Their sole purpose is to help and support fantasy sports companies, whereas our focus is on you, the fantasy sports user. In fact, we’re FSTA members!

Stay Connected.

We want to offer several ways for you to keep in touch with what’s going in the fantasy sports world:

The Fantasy Sports Newsletter

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The Fantasy Sports Newsletter is a great way to not only find out about what is happening around the fantasy industry, but also a way to keep your edge over your opponents.

The newsletter will not feature much analysis (Who to Start in Week 1), but it might tell you about a site who has an awesome new tool to help you figure out who to start.

  • Helpful Articles for You and Your League
  • New Fantasy Tools in the Industry
  • Free Downloads
  • Upcoming Events
  • Featured Websites
  • And Much More