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2013 Free Fantasy Football Draft Tools: Part I

While free Fantasy Football draft tools sound relatively unsexy, they have become quite necessary in everyone’s quest for a championship. The hobby of Fantasy has evolved over the past couple decades to the point where every owner needs a competitive advantage to put them over the top.

Every summer, I look across the Fantasy landscape to see what new innovations have arrived, or just as good, which old innovations have been improved.

And now – it’s time to share these free Fantasy Football draft tools, which I’m certain many will help you on your way to Fantasy glory.

There are a ton of great sites out there, so it’s very possible that I missed some great tools. If that’s the case – comment and let me know! Whether you are a site owner, writer or just a fan, let me know if you think there’s an egregious omission.  I have no doubt that this list will grow over the summer – so make sure you return the weekend before your draft to see what was added.

Our job at FantasySports.org is to bring websites and readers together, highlighting the best of the best, and giving an advantage to those that follow us.

This is the first part of a series of articles, showcasing the best draft tools on the web. We start out with the first eight, but make sure you come back next week for the next eight.

So let’s dig in …

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8 FREE Fantasy Football Draft Tools For 2013

These are really in no particular order, as I truly believe these are all great draft tools. I did, however, already write about the first five tools on my site. I will recap them here, however.

1. FantasyRundown.com’s Daily Article Discoveries

FantasyRundown, Free Fantasy Football Draft ToolsEvery day, Goose reads dozens of websites to find you the truly best articles of the day.

He finds the best reactions to the day’s Fantasy news, along with the top analytical pieces and the freshest, updated rankings.

Goose = Your new best friend.

2. DraftWizard Mock Draft Simulator

Easily, EASILY, the most powerful mock draft tool you’ll ever use. With a quick and easy setup, and the power of FantasyPros.com’s Expert Rankings, you get to preview what might happen in your drafts.

You can do as many mocks as you want, start and restart, pick, revert back, and pick again. This might be the best thing to hit Fantasy Football since Marshall Faulk.

3. FantasyPros.com’s Experts Consensus Rankings

Listen, getting three or four dozen Fantasy writers to do anything is a feat in itself. The fact they were able to corral these guys and get them to submit and regularly update their rankings is a Fantasy miracle. And as you know, every time a (draft timer) bell goes off, a Fantasy writer gets his (buffalo) wings.

You can sort by the entire group, or just sort by a collection of your favorite writers. The Experts Consensus Rankings (ECR) number also shows you the difference between a writer’s opinion on a player compared to the average of the group.

4. MyFantasyLeague.com’s ADP History

Never underestimate what looking back through draft history can do for your upcoming drafts. You can get a really good idea when defenses should start to go, or when the meat of the tight ends position usually gets drafted. Look back to the Average Draft Positions dating all the way back to the late ‘90s if you want, and enjoy the history lesson.

5. FootballGuys.com Depth Charts

This site is just great in its own right, but their depth charts are just simple, useful and the best in the business. They are color coded, to help you know who is starting only because of injury, and they’re all listed on one page – offenses and defenses – for all 32 NFL teams.

These next three free Fantasy Football Draft tools are some great ones, too.

6. FantasyFootballCalculator.com Scenario Calculator

Free Fantasy Football Draft Tools - FantasyFootballCalculator

Not only can you see what the average draft position is at FantasyFootballCalculator, but you can also see which way he’s trending.

You see, I’m not smart guy. So I sometimes need smart people to come up with great ideas and tools. That’s what happened here. Enter in which draft pick you are targeting, and the tool calculates the percentages of probability for if a specific player would be available.

So in a 12-team PPR league, for instance, I can look at my fourth round pick, 4.04, and see that: Roddy White has a 32-percent chance of being there for me, but Victor Cruz has a 70-percent chance, and Wes Welker has a 93-percent chance.

That tool has a 100-percent chance of being awesome.

7. FFToday.com’s Consistency Calculator

Smart Fantasy owners look at a player’s consistency when considering him for their roster – or their starting lineup. With this tool, an owner can go all the way back to the year 2000 to see how consistent a player is, week in and week out. Did you know that Jason Witten was the eighth-most consistent Fantasy scoring tight end in 2012? Or that Cecil Shorts was the eighth-most consistent wide receiver?

8. Fantasy Football Reddit

Reddit Fantasy Football, Free Fantasy Football Draft ToolsThis is essentially a great message board, just on a huge scale. There are plenty of sites that have their own message boards, but this one’s great in that you’ll see questions, links, information and tools from tons of different sites. And you’ll be able to ask – and answer – Fantasy questions of all sorts.

The really good discussions get voted up, so even if you’re just a lurker, you can up- and down-vote the articles you read.

Free Fantasy Football Draft Tools: Part II — Part III — Part IV – Part V

Check back next week, as I preview eight more FREE Fantasy Football Draft Tools that will get you much closer to a Fantasy championship.

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