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Who You Should’ve Started in the FanDuel King of the Court Contest

Before we get to the actual results, let me first say a biiiiig congratulations to “MMartin13.”

MMartin13 won the $75,000 Grand Prize on last night’s King of the Court contest on FanDuel. I’ve never seen or heard of him on any DFS sites, and there’s a reason for that. He only has 8 FD wins and one NBA win. Check that…. he now has TWO NBA wins.


Not exactly an impressive DFS profile.

There’s a been a lot of chatter going around regarding multiple entries into these big tournaments. While I’m not sure how many entries MMartin had, I can certainly guess….


The fact is that anyone can win these tournaments, and the multiple entries of others made it possible for the prize pool to be that large. Without it, Mr. Martin is receiving a much smaller paycheck. As my buddy Dan Back always say, “All it takes is a chip and a chair.”


Top 25 Value Plays on FanDuel – April 5, 2013

Players in bold italics were on the MMartin’s $75K lineup

Mike Miller SG MIA@CHA $3,500 33 $106
Tristan Thompson PF CLE@BOS $5,800 48 $121
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist SF MIA@CHA $4,600 36 $128
Alonzo Gee SF CLE@BOS $3,900 30 $130
Michael Beasley SF GS@PHO $3,800 28 $136
Beno Udrih PG ORL@CHI $5,300 39 $136
P.J. Tucker SF GS@PHO $4,000 29 $138
Brandan Wright PF DAL@SAC $4,500 32 $141
Jason Thompson PF DAL@SAC $5,000 35 $143
Greg Smith C HOU@POR $3,900 27 $144
Nazr Mohammed C ORL@CHI $3,400 23 $148
Shawn Marion SF DAL@SAC $5,800 39 $149
Andrei Kirilenko SF TOR@MIN $5,100 34 $150
Darren Collison PG DAL@SAC $4,500 30 $150
Jeremy Lin PG HOU@POR $5,300 34 $156
Ivan Johnson PF PHI@ATL $3,900 25 $156
Damien Wilkins SF PHI@ATL $4,600 29 $159
Kirk Hinrich PG ORL@CHI $4,000 25 $160
J.R. Smith SF MIL@NY $7,700 47 $164
Evan Turner SF PHI@ATL $5,900 36 $164
Shavlik Randolph PF CLE@BOS $4,000 24 $167
Rashard Lewis PF MIA@CHA $3,700 22 $168
Will Barton SG HOU@POR $3,400 20 $170
Jermaine O’Neal C GS@PHO $4,600 27 $170
Anthony Davis PF NO@UTA $7,200 42 $171

MMartin’s Complete Lineup

“Outside the box” Players


Before the tournament, I talked on GrindersLive about how there would be some guys on the winning team that would make most guys scratch their heads. The winning team actually had four of those players, in my opinion. And of course, all four of the players were in the Top 25 Value Plays.

Those players for the winning team were:

  • Darren Collison ($4500/ 30 FP) – 18 pts/8 assists against a bad defensive team in SAC
  • Shawn Marion ($5800 / 39 FP) – I know SAC is a bad team, but 25 pts and 12 rebounds? He was nailing threes as well.
  • Andrei Kirilenko ($5100/34 FP) – Kirilenko is not much of a scorer, but he is known on occasion to get steals and blocks. Well he got 20 points and added 3 stls/1 blk.
  • ($5000/35 FP) – Some people were cursing the Kings head coach, Keith Smart, last night for his benching of DeMarcus Cousins. Not MMartin13. In fact, he probably sent a food basket to Coach Smart for allowing Jason Thompson to gather up all those boards. 16 points and 16 rebounds!

The Power of the Small Forward

This is where MMartin made his money. The small forward position was relatively thin last night, and the normally-thin SG position was actually decent, with most people going for Miller/Kobe or Miller/Harden. He took a chance on Marion and Kirilenko, and I’m guessing there weren’t that many combos at the SF position.

Download the Entire Spreadsheet

See and sort by minutes, salary, positions, and most importantly: value. Click the link below to download the spreadsheet.


Come Up With a Better Lineup

Use the sheet and come up with a reasonable lineup that BEATS the 336. The only catch is that you can’t use any of the “Outside of the Box” players listed above. Post your lineup in the comments below. I may even give out a lil’ prize.


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