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Who You SHOULD’VE Played in the DraftKings Bank Shot

They say hindsight is 20/20, and that’s true, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from things that happened in past…. as in yesterday… as in the $150,000 tournament on DraftKings where the winner won $50,000.


That winner was Naapstermaan (@Naapstermaan), who can now purchase plenty of pandas with his $50k. Along with those Pandas will be Steph Curry jerseys, as Steph’s six fantasy points in the last 30 seconds in semi-garbage time secured Naap his first place finish. It also meant Chop (@headchopper) going from first to fourth, a difference of $42,500.

But don’t feel bad for Chop, he had a nice night and just got done winning the $50,000 grand prize in Vegas for the FanDuel championship.

And one last thing, biiiig shoutout to Davis Mattek (@DavisMattek), a featured writer of the site and current author of the Daily Fantasy Pulse. He had Kyle O’Quinn as his top Center value play and chose KOQ as the cover picture for the article. (O’Quinn was also our #1 true center in our spreadsheet predictions for members).


Surprisingly, Naap didn’t have O’Quinn on his team, but he did have a total score of 366. That means his team did 7x (per $1000) of its roster, which is just insane.



Kyle O’Quinn C Orl@Cha $3,000 49.25 $61
Greg Smith C Ind@Hou $3,000 42.25 $71
JaVale McGee C Den@SA $3,500 45.75 $77
Reggie Evans PF Bkn@Por $5,200 61.50 $85
Damien Wilkins SG/SF Mil@Phi $3,000 33.25 $90
Chase Budinger SG/SF LAL@Min $3,000 32.75 $92
Bismack Biyombo PF/C Orl@Cha $3,000 31.75 $94
Kendall Marshall PG Pho@Uta $3,000 29.75 $101
Jimmy Butler SG/SF Mia@Chi $3,300 32.00 $103
Tobias Harris SF/PF Orl@Cha $6,000 57.75 $104
Kemba Walker PG Orl@Cha $6,800 64.25 $106
Carl Landry SF/PF Sac@GS $3,000 26.75 $112
Iman Shumpert SG/SF Mem@NY $3,000 26.75 $112
Gerald Wallace SF/PF Bkn@Por $3,500 31.00 $113
Tony Allen SG/SF Mem@NY $4,100 36.00 $114
Lance Stephenson SG Ind@Hou $3,900 33.75 $116
Luol Deng SF Mia@Chi $5,700 49.25 $116
Roy Hibbert C Ind@Hou $6,500 54.25 $120
Randy Foye PG/SG Pho@Uta $3,000 24.75 $121
Dante Cunningham PF LAL@Min $3,400 28.00 $121
Ivan Johnson PF/C Atl@Tor $3,000 24.50 $122
Tyler Hansbrough PF/C Ind@Hou $3,800 31.00 $123
Wes Johnson SG/SF Pho@Uta $4,000 32.25 $124
DeQuan Jones SG/SF Orl@Cha $3,000 24.00 $125
Luis Scola PF/C Pho@Uta $4,000 31.75 $126

Just missing the cut: Nikola Pekovic (46 fp), Isaiah Thomas (49.25 fp), Jeff Teague (53 fp)


Download the whole results spreadsheet to see who had the most points, minutes, fantasy points, etc.

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