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Week 3 Waiver Wire Column Round-Up

Finding waiver wire gems is peripheral for most fantasy owner, but, if you should plan on winning your league, it should be right at the forefront. Pick-ups, especially in these first couple of weeks, can win or lose you the season.

And, of course, we’re here to help you win your league. So we want to make this who waiver wire dealio a little bit easier for you. That’s why below you’ll see a large acclimation (call it a blizzard) of links to our favorite waiver wire pieces. Give these guys a peek and some love; they do some great work with these pieces. With that, let’s get to it.


Week 3 Waiver Wire Column

Know of a waiver wire article that I am missing? Need to be here next week? Leave it in the comments below or send me a shout on Twitter and it will be in the Week 4 round-up.


Fantasy Sharks by TD Hill

Hill gives you 10 legitimate names to consider picking up after a week with a number of running back injuries across the league.


KFFL by Herija C. Green

Here’s an acclimation of the top 16 pickups of the week, ranked in order from 1-10. A nice and easy read with Philip Rivers and his seven touchdowns in two games topping the list.


deandre hopkins

NumberFire by Nik Bønaddio

NumberFire’s delivers some great analysis on just six players to add this week. With DeAndre Hopkins (who would be my top pick-up this week) and Chris Givens and no immediate-fix running backs on the list, NumberFire appears to be bringing you guys who will be long-term fixes.


2mugsFF by John Sarmento

Rumford Johnny delivers some buy lows — Trent Richardson, Cam Newton — as well as some of his favorite waiver wire pick-ups — including Coby Fleener.


NFL by Michael Fabiano

The top of the list? Three running backs. there are lots of those guys out there this week —  go grab one, or two.


Bleacher Report by Jordan Heck

Twitter friend Jordan Heck puts together some pickups for each position, with Eddie Royal leading the wide receiver group, as he does for many.


4for4 by Patrick Fitzmaurice

You’ll get quarterbacks Terrelle Pryor, Carson Palmer, and Philip Rivers for free, but you’ll have to pay for the rest. Buy a 4for4 subscription! It’s totally worth it! (Aren’t I just a dandy salesman?)


Bruno Boys by Sean Morris

Bruno Boys does a fantastic job of covering both adds and drops of every week, position by position. Linked is the quarterbacks waiver wire piece. From there, you can navigate to running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends. Pretty nifty.


Eat, Drink, Sleep Football by Kevin Hanson

With five running backs and six wide receivers, this may be one of the most in-depth pieces that you see in those two positions.


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