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Twitter DraftMaster Results

We had the opportunity to participate in the Twitter DraftMaster League, along with Josh of 4for4.com and organizer Jeremy of HallofFameFantasy.com. The draft was a slow draft hosted by MyFantasyLeague.com and took four days to complete.

A DraftMaster league is all about the draft. In fact, there is no waiver wire. The players you draft are the players that you’re stuck with the whole season.

It’s always interesting to look at other drafts before you participate in your own draft. We’ve compiled the results in two separate downloads:

A few notes:

  • The first two rounds were predictably dominated by the RBs
  • Rounds 3-5 were dominated by WR (23 total …7,7, and 9)
  • Our pick of Jared Cook in the 10th round started a run on Tight Ends (7 out of the next 11)
  • This is one of those drafts where the person before you picks the guy you’ve been waiting for — we were sniped 3 out of the first 5 times when Greg Jennings (3rd), Mike Wallace (5th), and Ryan Williams (9th) were taken off the board(keep in mind this is a slow draft so even more torture)

Hindsight is always 20/20, but participating in drafts such as these help you prepare for your upcoming “main leagues” drafts. For instance, we would probably pick Maurice Jones-Drew instead of Larry Fitzgerald if given another chance.

It wasn’t all bad though. In fact, MyFantasyLeague did rank the FantasySports.org team as having the best draft.

Which of course means… well… not that much. But we’ll take whatever we can get.

Special thanks to Jeremy (@HOFFantasy) for getting this together and for making all of the team images. Also make sure to follow FantasySportOrg (“Sport” is singular… thanks Twitter for the character limit) and 4for4_Josh.

What are your thoughts on the draft? Who fell too far and who was taken too early?

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