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The “REAL” All Stars – American League

Last week, we looked at the top NL players from the second half of 2012 and the first half of 2013 to determine who the “REAL” NL All-Stars were over that time period. This week, we’re going over to the junior circuit!

American League Real All Stars

Position AL All Star Hitters AVG HR RBI R SB WAR
C Joe Mauer 0.315 13 76 86 4 6
1B Chris Davis 0.298 56 138 107 2 6.7
2B Robinson Cano 0.307 34 108 101 8 7.3
3B Miguel Cabrera 0.352 55 162 128 4 9.6
SS Jose Reyes (AL/NL) 0.318 12 47 64 28 3.4
OF Mike Trout 0.316 33 102 136 42 11
OF Adam Jones 0.292 31 105 115 14 4.4
OF Torii Hunter 0.332 13 101 99 8 5.1
OF Desmond Jennings 0.265 19 62 116 31 5
OF Alex Gordon (OF) 0.297 18 92 92 12 5.2
CI Adrian Beltre (3B) 0.316 41 101 97 0 6.6
MI Dustin Pedroia (2B) 0.317 15 88 97 27 6.5
Util Edwin Encarnacion (1B) 0.264 44 124 98 8 4.3
Res Prince Fielder (1B) 0.293 31 114 83 1 4.1
Res Josh Donaldson (3B/C) 0.303 24 87 79 5 6.4
Res Evan Longoria (3B) 0.276 31 88 78 1 4.4
Res Jacoby Ellsbury (OF)? 0.294 7 56 98 50 4.9
Position AL All Star Pitchers W SO SV ERA WHIP WAR
P Max Scherzer 21 262 2.99 1.05 6.8
P Yu Darvish 14 261 3.55 1.11 5.9
P Felix Hernandez 17 235 2.73 1.07 7.2
P Chris Sale 12 225 3.35 1.15 4.7
P James Shields 11 230 3.03 1.08 5
P Justin Verlander 18 236 3.15 1.27 6.1
P Fernando Rodney (RP) 3 94 45 2.12 1.09 1.5
P Grant Balfour (RP) 1 81 42 1.67 0.91 1.6
P Greg Holland (RP) 7 106 38 2.02 1.01 3.1
Res Matt Moore 19 187 3.26 1.25 3.5
Res Hisashi Iwakuma 16 187 2.81 1.06 3
Res Joe Nathan (RP) 3 42 48 2.30 0.90 1.7
Res Glen Perkins (RP) 3 47 33 2.51 0.70 1.7

American League Observations:

The lack of All Star worth shortstops made me use Jose Reyes who spent half his time in the National League. I mean I labored back and forth on J.J. Hardy, Jhonny Peralta, and Erick Aybar, but c’mon where’s the fun behind those names. Actually, Reyes’ combined stats over both leagues are pretty legit and are actually better than any of the other AL shortstop pundits.

Now, take a look at Chris Davis’ line: .298 AVG/ 56 HR/138 RBI. He is a beast. I heard that he considers 61 home runs to be the true home run record. My feeling on that is he just wants an easier number to shoot for. Based on the past 12 months, that 61 number is well within reach. However, he can forget about 73.

Although I don’t think you can debate this year who the best fantasy player in baseball is, there is still a discussion for the past 12 months statistics. The Trout vs Miggy debate lives again. Miggy has 168 RBI. That total would rank him 11th all time for a whole season. For fantasy purposes, you can not credit Trout enough for his power and speed. Mix in a high batting average, and you have the most appealing fantasy asset since Alex Rodriguez, the shortstop.

Max Scherzer is easily the AL Cy Young during this span, and I don’t think it’s close. It’s nice to see that WHIP so low. The WHIP has always been the feeder of the bad performances with the old Scherzer. There’s no telling how nasty he’ll be now that he seemingly has that under control. He is definitely showing himself to be the best pitcher in Detroit or at least the 1.B. pitcher. Looking at Verlander’s inflated WHIP, you have to wonder if he’ll make it back to this list next year.

How low can Perkins WHIP get? I wonder how anybody scores runs off of him with a WHIP at 0.70.

I really hope you enjoyed this list as much as I loved compiling it. As we burst into the second half, there will be some stalwarts staying the course and remaining elite, but it’s always fun to see new stars emerge. The beautiful thing about baseball is in the very thing that people hate about it. The length of time and detailed statistics allow for a picture to be constantly in motion. It’s like a journey with every pitch. Each pitch picks up where the last one left off, and then dictates the future of the next. As you enter the post all star break stretch runs, take the time to bask in the performances of these players. Baseball doesn’t do a good enough job bringing to light these stars. So we as fantasy players should take it upon ourselves an recognize greatness and win some leagues. God bless America. And God bless fantasy baseball. 


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