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Enes Kanter is a huge daily NBA fantasy play for the night.
Enes Kanter is a huge daily NBA fantasy play for the night.

The Daily Fantasy Pulse – 3-4


Yesterday’s Studs

David West, Power Forward, Indiana Pacers: Incredible front line of Chicago be damned, David West lit Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer up for 31 points, 7 boards and 2 assists to give plentiful value to those who played him.

Chandler Parsons, Foward, Houston Rockets: Parsons absolutely destroyed the Mavs from beyond the arc, hitting 6 of 7 3 pointers. Starting Houston players is normally a good idea if you believe they will hoist as many three’s as Parsons did last night.

Russell Westbrook, Point Guard, Oklahoma City: Westbrook has turned himself into a must play in competitive games. When Brooks decides to ride Russ for 40 minutes, you are normally rewarded with over 25 points and around 10 assists, which Russ did yesterday with 29 and 10 with 6 boards thrown in.

Yesterday’s Values

Ed Davis, Power Forward, Memphis Grizzlies: With Zach Randolph a surprise inactive, Ed Davis drew 25 minutes at the 4 and scored 10 points and snagged 10 boards. Nothing fancy, but way exceeded his valued cost.

Marco Belinelli, Shooting Guard, Chicago Bulls: Rip Hamilton was declared inactive for Sunday’s game meaning that Marco drew a very Thibs-ian 44 minutes of playing time, scoring 20 points and assisting on 5 buckets.  Anytime you can acquire that much playing time for Belinelli’s reduced price, you have to do it.

Today’s Plays

Enes Kanter is the #1 daily NBA fantasy play.

Point Guard

1. Kemba Walker- Damian Lillard is a pretty solid offensive point guard; defensively, he literally cannot guard anyone. Expect the strong and quick Walker to have his way on offense, especially on sites that don’t punish for missed shots.

2.Ty Lawson- For a team that desperately needs a superstar, Ty Lawson is finally stepping up, night in and night out. Atlanta’s point guard and shooting guard defense is poor and Lawson is going to get his points.

3. Greivis Vasquez- Orlando is just  a really bad basketball team. No matter who is guarding Vasquez, they won’t do well at it. Though his price has raised on most sites, he still makes a solid play in what should be a no defense type of game.

Value Play: Andre Miller will come at a very cheap price on most sites and will benefit from the same poor defense that Lawson will.

Shooting Guard

1. Monta Ellis- Until I get burned or he has a terrible game, Monta is going to be my number one shooting guard play. Playing Utah, with that huge frontcourt, Ellis will work in the pick and roll and put up some solid numbers.

2. J.R Smith- It’s going to be a blowout and Melo is going to sit down with his 30 points after the 3rd and let J.R be J.R in the 4th. All it takes is for him to get hot, even for a little, because J.R is going to shoot no matter what.

3. Klay Thompson- Another bad team, good shooter matchup. Shooting guard is one of the hardest positions to fill in daily fantasy because there are only 3 real studs that play the position. Unless you’re using dual-eligible point guards, Thompson is a solid nightly play with high upside.

Value Play: Wes Matthews has had a stretch of poor play that has really decreased his price; a matchup with Charlotte is a perfect cure for a slump.

Small Forward

1. Carmelo Anthony- ‘Melo is gonna come out shooting, after the let down in Miami; 25 shots is not an unreasonable expectation. While he probably won’t play much of the 4th, I like his odds of playing more than Lebron.

2. Lebron James- This marks the first day in a while that I will not be playing Lebron; his cost is too prohibitive when the hapless Wolves literally have no chance of keeping the game within 25 points. Sit him at your own risk, however.

3. Rudy Gay- A shootout with Klay Thompson and Steph Curry isn’t out of the question. After being a surprise inactive on Saturday night, Gay should be rested and ready to play against a team that frequently has 3 guards and a horrible defensive frontcourt pairing playing at the same time.

Value Play: Micheal Kidd-Gilchrist has been mostly unusable for fantasy purposes, but against a poor offensive team with no bench, I like MKG’s odds of scooping up some rebounds and effort points at a cheap cost.

Power Forward

1. David Lee- It didn’t work out for any of my lineups, but in terms of cost and production, Lee has the highest upside tonight. Toronto’s centers just can’t play defense and Lee is Golden State’s post offense.

2. Ersan Ilyasova- The horrible ineffective guy from the first month of the season is gone. Ever since the Reddick trade, Ilyasova has been on fire, getting more minutes at the 4. For the price, Ersan is a great play against Utah.

3. Ryan Anderson- No Anthony Davis, no Jason Smith. Anderson played over 40 minutes against Detroit and expect more of the same against his old team tonight.

Value Play: Dante Cunningham is going to get ran into the ground against Miami tonight. With no Love, no Kirilenko, and most likely no Steisma, Cunningham will get heavy minutes in what will surely be a blow out.


1. Al Horford- As expensive as he is, Kosta Koufos and Javale McGee aren’t stopping Big Al. Denver has shooting guards playing the 4 position at the end of games; Wilson Chandler had guard duties on LaMarcus Aldridge recently. You can fully expect a big night from Horford.

2. Enes Kanter- Most sites would probably categorize this as a value play, but if Kanter starts against, you have to play him. Find a way to squeeze him into your lineup, no matter what.

3. Tyson Chandler- Tyler Zeller and Trystan Thompson are going to have to try to keep Chandler off the boards; this is a guy who just had 10 rebounds in a QUARTER. Solid play for the night.

Value Play: Byron Mullens will get plenty of run and is always prone to randomly exploding for 5 3-pointers. That in combination with the fact that Portland has no real center makes him a solid value play.

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