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The Daily MLB Fantasy Pulse- 6-19


(I didn’t end up playing any yesterday, and if I don’t have a sense for the values and schedule of the day, I can’t judge the studs.

6/19 Pitchers

Chris Sale- There is not one single pitching matchup in the late games that makes me excited. Chris Sale is the best play today, obviously, but his price reflects just that. Despite a 4 ER hiccup 2 games ago, he has had 0 or 1 earned runs allowed in each of his last 5 starts. His stellar 26% K-rate  means that even if he doesn’t go deep into the game, his ceiling is still sky high. If you don’t want to gamble on the Jake Westbrook’s of the world, this is how you go.

Justin Masterson- 11-2 record for the Royals over the last 13 games? Still only 8 home runs over the last 14 days. This is NOT a team that has a huge offensive explosion just bubbling below the surface. Masterson is the only ace-ish type DFS pitcher who has a weaker opponent today. In one pitcher formats, it’s all Sale, but with two pitcher leagues, Masterson will fill my #2 slot.

6/19 Hitters

Johnathan Lucroy- Consider me a non-believer when it comes to Erik Bedard. Lucroy has a .125 ISO versus lefties and on a day when the top catcher options don’t have the right handededness matchups, I don’t mind taking a gamble on Lucroy’s power.

Brandon Moss- So, we know that Justin Grimm isn’t good right? His triple slash to lefties: .303/.358/.473. So yeah, Moss is gonna have a freaking night, as he is slugging .503 versus righties.

Jason Kipnis- Triple slash versus righties: .252/.345/.424. While Kipnis is a leftie that can still get hits off of lefties, he won’t have to worry about that against Luis Mendoza. Mendoza is allowing lefties to slug FIVE OH SEVEN against him. Yes, please start Kipnis, guys.

DJ Lemahieu- I like DJ as a value play tonight, as I think the Rockies really rough up Mark Buehrle and Lemahieu is able to score some runs, and take some walks. He’s cheap, and one of the guys I’ll be using as a filler.

Jean Segura- GUYS YOU HAVE TO PLAY SEGURA AGAINST LEFTIES. That is the number one rule of daily fantasy baseball. The last time I typed in all caps about this, Segura had a total of six hits in one single extra-inning game.

Outfielder Targets: Yoenis Cespedes- Can still bomb off of righties, will be underpriced for split. Matt Joyce- If Matt Joyce could just face righties all the time, he’d be a real All-Star. Peter Bourjous- Joe Saunders is just so horribly bad outside of Seattle, I cannot imagine this game without 10 Angels runs.


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