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The Daily MLB Fantasy Pulse- 6-17


Yesterday’s Studs

Carlos Gonzalez- What foot injury? Despite the worried whispers of his owners, CarGo came out yesterday versus Phillie and knocked a homer to keep everyone quiet.

John Jaso- A criminally underrated player in daily fantasy. Having a catcher that is going to consistently get on base and not make outs is pretty huge, especially for a cheap price. Jaso walked THREE times yesterday, and didn’t make a single out.

6/17 Pitchers

Patrick Corbin- Arizona has won each and every of Patrick Corbin’s starts and his record is a sterling 9-0. He has a sub-2 ERA, a tiny 6.3% BB rate, and has allowed TEN hits to lefties in all of 2013. This is NOT who Patrick Corbin is, but arguing with these results over this large of a sample is pretty difficult. If he is due to race back to the mean, the Marlins are not the team that will do it.

Jason Vargas- If Jason Vargas just got to pitch at home, he would be an excellent fantasy pitcher. He has a 3.21 ERA at home, allows opposing hitters a .246 batting average, and 16% of opposing batters. All pretty solid numbers, especially for what he costs you in a DFS format. He gets to face the Seattle Mariners, who over the last 14 days, are the 2nd worst offense in all of the majors, with a hilarious .101 team ISO and 22.8% team K rate.

6/17 Hitters

Yasmani Grandal- Stacking versus Barry Zito worked pretty well last week, and I think I may employ that strategy today. Grandal is a SUPER cheap catching option, who isn’t even hitting .200 yet on his shortened season. He can mash from both sides of the plate and I like him against a weakening Zito.

Paul Goldschmidt- Goldschmidt, versus a young rightie who faced inferior comp in his first two starts this year, but owns a +4 ERA in the majors? Yes. Yes I’ll take that value for 9.950 on Draftday, for certain.

Miguel Cabrera- On days where I recommend cheaper pitchers, just assume this is coming.

Evereth Cabrera- Remember that Padres stack thing? I was being serious. Whatever Biogenesis did to Evereth, I don’t mind. He is playing some of the best baseball in the majors and faces Barry Zito, who isn’t fit to stop anyone at this point. Additionally, I always like  the switch hitters because they can adjust to bullpen moves later in the game.

Chris Davis- Yeah, uhh… I don’t really care who Chris Davis is facing. For some reason, his price on DraftDay has fallen to 9,700 which is way, way, way to low for someone who is hitting a homerun 7.93% percentage of his PA’s. Take advantage of the suppressed price.

Lucas Duda- I think that this is finally the night that the Braves come up with a fake injury to shelve Tim Hudson with. The Mets offense may be putrid, but the raw skills for Duda are there. He has an .ISO of .247 righties, which is good for 17th in all of baseball. He’s dirt cheap with a sky high upside.

Top 5 BvP Lines

Billy Butler  R 13 6 0 0 2 4 1 1 0 0 .462 .500 .923 1.423
Adam Jones  R 15 8 2 0 1 2 0 4 0 0 .533 .533 .867 1.400
Mike Trout  R 10 5 0 1 0 1 2 2 2 0 .500 .583 .700 1.283
Albert Pujols  R 76 24 6 0 5 16 3 7 2 0 .316 .329 .592 .921
Jayson Werth  R 24 8 2 0 4 6 4 6 1 0 .333 .429 .917 1.345

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