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The Daily MLB Fantasy Pulse- 5-6

Daily-Fantasy-PulseYesterday’s Studs

Prince Fielder- The Tigers but the absolute hurt on the Astros this weekend, capped off by Justin Verlander dominant game last night. Fielder was spectacular on offense, going 3/5 with a homerun and 4 RBI.

Melky Cabrera- It appears that the Melkman is finally starting to shake off some of his post-PED rust. Last night agianst the Mariner’s, he went 3/4 with a homer.

Justin Ruggiano- It would appear that we are seeing the end of the Doc Halladay era. The Marlins beat him and the Phillies up bad last night and Ruggiano led the way with 2 home runs, a stolen base and 2 hit by pitches.

4/26 Pitchers

Cliff Lee- The very best hitters in the San Francisco Giant’s lineup have been continually mowed down by Cliff Lee. Pablo Sandoval and Buster Posey can’t even manage a combined .500 OPS in 14 plate appearances. No one else in the lineup scares me all that much and while Lee is expensive, he isn’t Verlander or Kershaw types of money. Play him confidently tonight.

Andrew Cashner- Does it get any better than this? Andrew Cashner is a fantasy baseball-phile favorite. He had 98 mile an hour AVERAGE fastball in 2012. While his velocity has dipped down to 95 this year, he gets to face a Giancarlo Stanton-less Marlins team that only looks good when they get a chance to beat up on Doc Halladay’s barely functioning shoulder. Cashner is my #1 gotta have him, gotta play him guy tonight.

4/26 Hitters

Paul Goldschmidt- The best hitter on a juicy stack. In his last outting, Chris Capuano allowed 5 earned runs in a mere 2 innings. For his career, Goldschmidt is 9 FOR 12!!!! against the Dodgers lefty. In those 12 at-bats, he also has 2 homers and 3 doubles. Please, please, please play Goldschmidt tonight.

David Ortiz- I know, I know Ortiz and Goldschmidt are both first basemen. This is why utility and DH slots exist on sites like DraftDay and DraftStreet. Ortiz is in the middle of a historic run against bad right handed pitchers and Vance Worley is the definition of a bad right handed pitcher at the moment. Find a way to get him in.

Chase Headley- Headley hit 11 home runs against left handed pitchers on 2011. While his production is worse from the right side of the plate, tonight he faces off against former teammate Wade Leblanc, who has already allowed 13 earned runs to right handed hitters and 2 home runs. Look for Headley to have a big night against Leblanc’s 85 MPH fastball.

Jed Lowrie- All 3 of Led Lowrie’s homeruns in 2013 have come against right handed pitchers. Tonight, he faces Ubaldo Jiminez who is just…just terrible, guys. He doesn’t know where the ball is going he loves to serve up gopher balls. If you want to spend on short stop tonight, Lowrie is the guy to do it with.

Ben Zobrist- Zobrist is much better batting on the right side of the plate against lefties. Mark Buehrle has completly lost whatever made him mildly effective in his years as a White Sox and Zobrist is hitting the ball particularly well. I don’t expect a home run in the spacious caverns of the Trop, but I think Zobrist will get on base 3 times against a bad pitcher, which means stolen bases and runs.

Top 5 BvP Lines

Justin Morneau  L 14 7 0 0 0 1 0 2 0 0 .500 .500 .500 1.000
Brandon Phillips  R 51 18 3 0 4 10 1 5 2 0 .353 .365 .647 1.012
Dan Uggla  R 18 6 1 0 2 3 3 4 0 0 .333 .429 .722 1.151
Adrian Gonzalez  L 12 5 2 0 1 3 0 5 0 0 .417 .417 .833 1.250
Paul Goldschmidt  R 12 9 3 0 2 7 1 2 0 0 .750 .769 1.500 2.269

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