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The Daily MLB Fantasy Pulse- 5-24

Daily-Fantasy-PulseYesterday’s Studs

Josh Willingham- Well, I was right that the Twins were going to be solid in the run scoring department, but I didn’t see this offensive explosion coming from Willingham. He didn’t get alot of hits, but the 2 he did make contact with went all the way out of the ball park.

J.P Arenciba- You guys know that Miguel Cabrera is a stud, so unless he goes truly insane, he will no longer be in this section. Therefore Arenciba takes his place, and deserves to do so, by going 2/5 with a double, a homer and 4 RBI.

Drew Stubbs- That Indian’s offense is something to behold when they get hot. Stubbs was the one who lead the way last night with 2 doubles, a triple and 3 RBI.

5/24 Pitchers

Anibal Sanchez- There is nothing more costly to a daily fantasy baseball team then spending excess dollars on a pitcher that doesn’t produce quality points. Of all the expensive options tonight, I like Sanchez’s matchup the best. The Twins strike out 21.1% of the time, which matches up nicely with Sanchez’s 11.06 K/9 rate. Sanchez’s incredibly low 6.1 BB% will help him against Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau and will allow him to effectively neuter the heart of the Twins’ order.

Justin Grimm- If you are going cheap on your pitcher, Grimm and John Danks are your best option. The M’s hit .255 at home and only have 19 home runs for the entire season at Safeco. Grimm has a road xFIP of .438, which isn’t great, but when factoring in Safeco’s park factors and the general quality of the Mariners offense outside of Mike Morse, Grimm is a cheap and productive option.

5/24 Hitters

Miguel Cabrera- I’m gonna go ahead and say that the best hitter of our generation versus Samuel Deduno, owner of a career 4.36 ERA and a 90.3 MPH fastball, is probably a pretty solid play.

Brian McCann- As much as I love Evan Gattis, Brian McCann is just one of the best hitting catchers in all of Major League Baseball. Tonight, McCann gets a great matchup in New York’s Jeremy Hefner who has given up 8 home runs in his 45 innings this year to go along with his 5.00 ERA. Hefner also allows a .691 SLG% to lefties, which basically makes McCann a lock tonight.

Joey Votto- Color me skeptical of the Scott Feldman renaissance. Votto has a .506 OBP versus righties. I cannot even begin to explain to you how truly incredible that number is. To further illustrate Votto’s greatness against right handers, he has hit 9 doubles, 4 home runs and one triple against righties as well. Fading Votto is a silly idea.

Kelly Johnson- Against righties in 2013: .278/ .347/ .578. When those numbers are combined with 8 homers and 3 doubles, you get a pretty scary platoon player, which is exactly what Johnson is. His opponent tonight, David Phelps, allows a .356 OBP to lefties and has left 12 of his 18 earned runs go against lefties as well. I fully expect Maddon to deploy the platoons and for Johnson to have a big night.

Lorenzo Cain- If you’re spending on Miggy and Votto, you’re going to have to save somewhere and cheap option is Lorenzo Cain, who is hitting .317 versus righties and has 8 doubles off them. Vargas is a different pitcher away from home, reflected in his .516 road ERA and .390 OBP to opposing batters on the road. Cain and other right handed Royals batters are  relatively easy plays tonight.

Top 5 BvP Lines

Jose Bautista  R 12 4 1 0 2 4 2 4 0 0 .333 .400 .917 1.317
Jason Giambi  L 37 13 2 0 3 7 5 4 0 0 .351 .455 .649 1.103
Curtis Granderson  L 39 17 3 3 3 6 7 7 0 2 .436 .522 .897 1.419
Billy Butler  R 16 8 3 0 3 7 3 0 0 0 .500 .579 1.250 1.829
Allen Craig  R 8 5 2 0 1 3 0 0 0 0 .625 .625 1.250 1.875

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