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The Daily Fantasy Pulse- 4-14

Daily-Fantasy-PulseYesterday’s Studs

Ricky Rubio- When Ricky Rubio has his shot going, he is a fantasy force to be reckoned with. A career high 24 points, 10 assists and 5 rebounds against a bad Phoenix team is exactly what you want.

Marc Gasol- 18 points, 15 boards and 7 assists is basically the standard great Marc Gasol game. Not dominant scoring the ball, but just commanding in all aspects. When Gasol has it going, he is a really solid play.

Yesterday’s Values

Josh McRoberts- Man, McBob had it going tonight. 18 points, 9 assists, 9 rebounds and way, way more fantasy points than anyone can ever expect. His price will still probably not go up much, so pay attention.

Ish Smith- With Brandon Jennings taking the game off, Smith grabbed some extra minutes and produced with 9 points, 4 boards, 7 assists and 4 steals. Without the 6 turnovers, he would have had a seriously incredible night for a minimum price.

Today’s Plays

Point Guard

1. Damian Lillard- In an up and down game against the Nuggets,  with Batoum and Matthews injured, expect Lillard to put up a lot of shots and alot of points.

2. Tony Parker- At this point, it is legendary how bad the Lakers point guard defense is.

3. Deron Williams- Kyle Lowry might be a bulldog, but D-Will is playing some of the best basketball of his career and is worth his heavy price tag.

Value Play: Isaiah Thomas has a nice matchup against the Rockets and is going to get his shots and opportunities.

Shooting Guards

1. Wilson Chandler- At this point, Chandler is playing so well that I want to kiss the face he has tattooed on his neck.

2. J.R Smith- If Paul George tries to lock ‘Melo down, that means more shots and more opportunities for J.R. Melo isn’t that stubborn…right? Right? RIGHT?!!

3. Corey Brewer- I’m playing all 3 of the productive Denver wings and Brewer is still the cheapest.

Value Play: Will Barton has looked pretty good in limited minutes and draws a high scoring matchup with the Nuggets.

Small Forwards

1. Carmelo Anthony- You have ever reason to fade him. If you told me you were actually going to fade him, I would listen; but Lebron and Wade aren’t playing full minutes, Russ and KD aren’t playing today and Carmelo is the best, highest ceiling player here.

2. Andre Igoudala- Like I said, I am playing all 3 of the Denver wings and I would recommend you do the same against a very battered Portland team.

3. Paul George- There isn’t anything better to get your shot back then being defended by the Chris Copeland, ‘Melo, J.R trifecta of lack of defensive intensity.

Value Play: Victor Claver had a pretty bad game out last time, but he is getting the minutes and makes for a decent bottom of the barrel play. If you feel like gambling, I would suggest looking towards Steve Novak.

Power Forward

1. DeMarcus Cousins- For whatever reason, DMC tears up Houston and if he doesn’t get Smart-ed tonight, he is going to put up excess value.

2. Pau Gasol- With Kobe sitting, that means way more shots for Pau. He will get used more in the flow of offense and get put in a position to succeed.

3. David West- Same argument for Paul George plays here. There isn’t anyone on the Knicks who isn’t hurt that will actually want to guard this dude.

Value Play: Chris Copeland is going to see heavy minutes and if he hits a couple three’s, boom, value met.


There’s no Tyson Chandler to slow Hibbert down tonight.

1. Roy Hibbert- Chris Copeland is starting at Center for the Knicks. Steve Novak and Carmelo Anthony are going to play some minutes at the 5. Why can’t Roy Hibbert grab 40 rebounds tonight? Honestly?

2. Dwight Howard- As great as the Spurs system is, you can’t teach or defend big and that is exactly what Dwight will bring to the table tonight.

3. Ryan Anderson- Anthony Davis is done for the season and Anderson gets to hoist as many 3′s as he wants against the Mavs tonight.

Value Play: Depending on where you play, Amir Johnson may still be supremely underpriced and getting nearly 40 minutes a game with Jonas Valancinus sitting.

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