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The Daily Fantasy Pulse- 4-12



Yesterday’s Studs

Jimmy Butler- It just doesn’t stop with this guy. Once he finally cracked Thibs’ rotation, he has rode Butler like a prized stallion. Butler came through last night for 22 points, 14 boards and filled up the rest of the score sheet as well.

Kevin Durant- Durant had the better night than ‘Melo, simply because he missed less shots. 31 points, 10 boards, 8 assists and the player of the night.

Yesterday’s Values

Kevin Martin- I ended up playing Martin most places at shooting guard because I wanted Russ, Steph, Melo and Durant in all my lineups and Martin is dirt cheap. It ended up working out as the hyper-efficient Martin went for 23 points on only 10 shots.

Chris Copeland- Chris Copeland is not a center. Hell, he is barely a power forward. However, last night, that is the position that Copeland played and he performed admirably at a very low price. Cope posted 14 points and 5 boards with 2 assists, surpassing his value by far.

Today’s Plays

Point Guards

1. Kemba Walker- His price has gone down again and we know what he is capable of.

Try and fade Kemba Walker. I dare you.

While adding Drummond to their front line should help Detroit’s defense, their perimeter D is so weak that I don’t expect Kemba to struggle.

2. John Wall- If you have been following my advice and using Wall as frequently as I have recommended, you’ve been making money. He is just an unstoppable force on offense at this point and I don’t expect Philadelphia to put up any resistance.

3. Russell Westbrook- Portland’s defense is in utter shambles and against Damian Lillard, I expect Russ’ motivation to be near it’s full amount. Expensive, but worth it.

Value Play: Steve Blake is still a pretty decent play if Steve Nash doesn’t go. Andre Miller is another option if you don’t trust Blake.

Shooting Guards

1. Steph Curry- Okay, so this is kind of cheating, but if you don’t play on Fanduel, you shouldn’t have a problem slotting Curry in at shooting guard. The Lakers cannot guard point guards, plain and simple.

2. Monta Ellis- Still having it all. Still an every night play. Still the best. Has my Monta jersey gotten here in the mail yet? It probably will by the time that Ellis has ravaged a Hawks team that won’t be able to keep up with him.

Monta and Steph reunited, if only in a fantasy sports column.

3. Andre Igoudala- With Gallo and Lawson out, Iggy becomes the primary scorer for a Nuggets team that needs someone to go ISO every once in a while.

Value Play: Brian Roberts is going to get the start for the injured Grievis Vasquez and it doesn’t get much more valuable than this. The last time Vasquez sat, Roberts had 19 assists.

Small Forward

1. Kevin Durant- Despite the news that Lebron James is played, I don’t expect him to top 30 minutes. Durant becomes the far superior play against the Trail Blazers.

2. Jimmy Butler- Ride him until the finish line you guys. That is what Thibs is doing. For some reason, his price has yet to match his production.

Wilson Chandler and his teammates at small forward are awesome value plays.

3. Wilson Chandler- Chandler is actually a better offensive player than Iggy and a much better 3 point shooter. In a matchup against a dejected Dallas team, I like Chandler’s odds of getting hot.

Value Play: It is not a bad idea or cheating to stack Corey Brewer with Chandler and Iggy. Brewer has scored 23, 22 and 28 points in his last 3 games and I suggest riding the hot hand.

Power Forward

1. Carmelo Anthony- As much as I would love to recommend fading him, I just can’t.

Carmelo and his buddy Chris Copeland are great fantasy plays tonight.

He has been doing it too well in a way that would suggest the performances are repeatable and not an anomaly. It isn’t like anyone on Cleveland can getin his way.

2. Carlos Boozer- Nazr Mohammed played 0 minutes last night. Taj Gibson is still out. Noah is still dealing with an aching Plantar Fascia. Boozer is all the Bulls have down low and I expect his production to continue.

3. Chris Copeland- Not even a value play, just a strict recommendation. Copeland is a multi-talented offensive player and if utilized correctly, can be deadly. He took 14 shots last night and if there is a slight regression in his shooting percentage, he could score 40 fantasy points against Cleveland tonight.


This pair of teammates are great fantasy plays tonight.

1. Andre Drummond- Oh my god, oh my god, Charlotte is so bad and Drummond is so good. The massive and muscular Drummond is the exact sort of player that the Bobcats struggle with and he is so dirt cheap almost everywhere.

2. Greg Monroe- That’s right! I’m going back to the well. As previously mentioned, Monroe has a somewhat capped ceiling but against a bad Bobcats team, that ceiling is pretty high.

3. Dwight Howard- No Bogut tonights mean that David Lee and Festus Ezili have to try and keep Dwight Howard off the boards. Good luck with that, fella’s.

Value Play: Amir Johnson is going to play damn near 40 minutes for the Raptors tonight due to Jonas Valancinus’ injury and you should ride Amir for all 40 of those productive minutes.


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Davis Mattek is a 20 year old English major at Kansas State University who founded his own website, Sports Wunderkind, late in 2012. In addition to running his own site, Davis is a full-time contributor at Fantasysports.org and a part time contributor at Dynasty League Football, The Fantasy Fix and Rotoviz.

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