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The Daily Fantasy Pulse- 4-1

Yesterday’s Studs

Kyrie Irving- Kyrie sort of unexpectedly returned to action to duel against the Raptors tonight and didn’t disappoint owners who believed in him by torching the Raps’ D by going off for 31 points.

Paul Pierce- The old man can still get it done. While I will personally never play him (because the jumper can leave him at any point), when he wills his team to victory, he can still post 50+ fantasy point games.

Yesterday’s Values

Andre Drummond- Why Drummond wasn’t starting in the first place, I’ll never know. Back to get some late season run, Drummond beat up the Bulls front line for 8 boards and 14 assists.

Mike Miller- 12 points, 3 boards, 5 assists and a buttload of value. Deciding between Miller, Battier and Ray Allen with Wade and LBJ periodically sitting until the season ends will be Russian Roulette, but possibly profitable.

Today’s Plays

Point Guards

1. Damian Lillard- All defense, no offense matchup will always favor Lillard. With Aldridge out or limited, Lillard will get even more shots.

2. Ricky Rubio- Kind of an ugly day for point guards when the 2nd best play has to go against Avery Bradley, but this is where we are.

3. Shaun Livingston- You have to go for a bargain somewhere when it’s like this, and Livingston is always my bargain bin guy.

Value Play: If Jameer Nelson sits again, Beno Udrih is a quality play.

Shooting Guards

1. Monta Ellis- Who has more of it all, Gerald Henderson or Monta Ellis?

2. Gerald Henderson- There will be more bad shots in the Bobcats-Bucks game than a Bang Bros production.

3. Gordon Hayward- Forced to choose between Hayward or Batum, I go Hayward because he will be slightly cheaper.

Value Play: If James Harden sits, I absolutely love James Anderson as a value play.

Small Forwards

1. Josh Smith- A cake matchup with a team that literally cannot defend good wing players, I expect Smith to be the highest scoring play of the day.

2. Jeff Green- With KG and Pierce both sitting tomorrow night, Uncle Jeff could seriously shoot 30 times. That is unless you think Doc trusts Courtney Lee’s offensive game.

3. Chandler Parsons- Solid matchup for Parsons where he will either force Josh Smith out of the paint or have the much smaller Kyle Korver attempting to guard him. No downside for Parson’s tonight.

Value Play: Maurice Harkless has been more solid than Tobias Harris, his Orlando teammate, just not quite as spectacular. Still a great value play at his current low prices.

Power Forwards

1. Larry Sanders- This particular Bobcat’s team is powerless against high energy big men. Enter Larry Sanders.

2. Ersan Ilyasova- Get your Buck’s bigs’ in, is basically what I’m saying. For two terrible teams, there are a surprising amount of fantasy plays in this game.

3. Tobias Harris- Not a huge fan of the matchup, but he has just been playing so well recently.

Value Play: Andre Drummond is the value play of the day, an absolute must start.

Find a way to get Andre Drummond in your daily NBA fantasy lineups.


1. Al Jefferson- Big Al torched Portland a few days ago and I see no reason he can’t do so again tonight.

2. Greg Monroe- It really doesn’t get more consistent than Greg Monroe. Against the woeful Raptors, 30 points is his fantasy point floor.

3. Tim Duncan- Marc Gasol just isn’t mobile and with Tony Parker hobbled and Manu out, Timmy D has to do more on offense while he is on the floor.

Value Play: Greg Smith of the Houston Rockets continues to get major minutes under the radar.

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