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NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Indiana Pacers

The Daily Fantasy Pulse- 4-1-

Daily-Fantasy-PulseThe Pulse is back!

Yesterday’s Studs

Reggie Evans- Huh?! That’s right, Reggie Evans was a fantasy stud. 17 points, 24 boards and more value than you can handle.

Jimmy Butler- An incredible value. Butler played all 48 minutes, scored a career high 28 points and led an impressive march for your fantasy team.

Yesterday’s Values

Nazr Mohammed- Noah sat again and each time he  does, you can bet I’ll be starting Nazr. This time out, Mohammed went for 6 points and 10 boards.

Steve Blake- 7 points, 5 boards, 6 assists, 2 steals and a block. Contributing across the board with Nash sitting, Blake was the perfect value play.

Today’s Plays

Point Guards

1. John Wall- You guys, John Wall has arrived. Mario Chalmers, Mike Miller, Norris Cole and Wade are not going to stop him. Just not going to happen. Look forward to a shoot out between young Wall and King James.

2. Deron Williams- I don’t exactly know why, but Deron Williams is good against. The Celtics may be getting healthy but Deron Williams is going to bully the small Celtics backcourt.

3. Goran Dragic- You think old man Mike James is going to stay in front of the Dragon? Nope. He isn’t.

Value Play: With Steve Nash sitting again, Steve Blake becomes an excellent value play at the point guard position

Shooting Guards

1. Monta Ellis- Monta once said that he was Dwayne Wade, without the wins. So, I’m going to assume that means 50 points in a loss tonight.

2. Andre Igoudala- With Gallo out indefinitely, Iggy gets the most benefit as far as playing time and shots go.

3. Dwayne Wade- Wade will probably only play 30 minutes, but that will be enough to do his damage.

Value Play: Will Barton who is starting in the place of an injured Wes Matthews draws a cushy matchup versus the Lakers at a very cheap price.

Meet your value play of the night, Will Barton.

Small Forwards

1. Lebron James- He just isn’t ever going to disappoint you. If you are playing against him and don’t benefit from his points, you will hate your daily fantasy life.

2. Tobias Harris- After being traded from the Bucks, Harris has become a bonafide fantasy stud. Against his old team, I expect him to have a very good game.

3. Ersan Ilyasova- It should be enjoyable to watch Ersan and Harris go at each other all night in a fantasy point bonanza.

Value Play: Wes Johnson is always a solid value play, even though you never know when he inexplicably won’t play more than 14 minutes.

Power Forwards

1. Anthony Davis- Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins are diametrically opposed and tonight, that means fantasy points for the Unibrow.

2. Andre Drummond- Cheap and productive, facing a very much so tanking Cleveland team.

3. Jeff Green- While he is losing shots to Pierce and KG coming back, I still believe in talent especially against a weak defensive Brooklyn team.

Value Play: Depending on where you play, Reggie Evans could still be relatively cheap. If he is, play him.


1. Greg Monroe- Many daily fantasy guys shy away from Monroe for some reason; against a bad and undersized Cleveland team, consider me going against the grain.

2. Larry Sanders- Sanders’ relentless energy is going to frustrate the way, way, way too expensive Nikolva Vucevic.

3. Tim Duncan- A bit pricey, he draws a nice matchup against the injured Nuggets.

Value Play: Emeka Okafor is always underpriced and once of my favorite plays against the Heat, who cannot guard Centers.



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