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The Daily Fantasy Pulse- 3-28

Daily-Fantasy-Pulse(Before I begin, I’d just like to mention that the All-Pulse lineup won several GPP’s last night and scored over 400 on Draft Day. The system works.

Yesterday’s Studs

Gerald Henderson- Continuing a strong trend of play, Henderson burnt the Magic 34 points, 7 rebounds and 2 assists.

Kemba Walker- As Chris Webby would say, you can run and tell Kemba that! Easily the best play from last night, Kemba’s near triple double included 34 points, 7 rebounds and 9 assists.

Yesterday’s Values

Kyle O’Quinn- Really, this honor should go to the entire Magic squad. O’Quinn was the most spectacular, however, posting 23 points, 11 rebounds and 6 assists against an overmatched Bobcats squad.

Jordan Crawford- As long as he is getting the starting minutes, he’s gonna put shots up. 12 points and 4 assists and boom, value met.

Today’s Plays

Point Guards

1. Goran Dragic- A short night without much firepower at the point guard position makes Dragic a near must play.

2. Brandon Jennings- Ugh. 5 points on Draft Day last night, but with the short night, you probably should play him considering other options.

3. Isaiah Thomas- A good player who is put in a bad situation by his teammates and idiotic coach.

Value Play: Mike James is 20 points in the bank at a very cheap price.

Shooting Guards

The two plays of the day square off.

1. Monta Ellis- Monta have all your ownership percentages. If you don’t play him tonight, have fun losing.

2. Kobe Bryant- The only real stud playing tonight, you should splurge for him and Monta.

3. Vince Carter- He is cheaper than Mayo, and one of the only other shooting guards who are going to get shots tonight.

Value Play: How Wes Johnson is still this cheap, I have no idea. The minutes will vary, but he has been producing.

Small Forward

1. Paul George- You just have to play him tonight. I’m not happy about it, either.

2. Ersan Ilyasova- Back into the starting lineup and past his early season struggles, Ersan is a solid play against a broken Lakers squad.

3. Tyreke Evans- If there is a team to get right against, it is the Suns.

Value Play: Mike Dunleavy is about as good as value gets at the 3 tonight. Ugly.

Power Forward

1. Dirk Nowitzki- As Ethan Sherwood Strauss tweeted last night “Does the public know that Dirk is back?” The awkward one legged jumper is falling and Dirk is offensive force again.

2. Pau Gasol- Depending on where you play, Pau is still super cheap and should get at least 3o minutes tonight.

3. David West- If healthy, West turns into a great and discounted option tonight.

Value Play: Antawn Jamison is getting huge minutes in World Peace’s place, making him a great play.


1. Dwight Howard- Finally playing like Dwight Howard, he is a must play tonight.

2. DeMarcus Cousins- One of the rare nights where I want to start more than 2 centers! DMC is a great play tonight.

3. Roy Hibbert- Never reliable enough on offense to warrant starting over true studs, I expect Hibbert to have a low ownership percentage tonight.

Value Play: Patrick Patterson has been picking up around 25 minutes a night and has been very productive in that role.

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