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The Daily Fantasy Pulse- 3-12


Yesterday’s Studs

Steph Curry- It would appear it wasn’t the magic of Madison Square that contributed to Curry’s 54 pointer, but rather the Knicks complete inability to guard him. Curry scored 26, grabbed 6 boards and assisted on 3 shots.

David Lee- If Curry was good, Lee was even better. Against an ailing Carmelo and an ineffective Tyson Chandler, Lee scored 21, gained 10 boards, and more impressively, assisted on 8 buckets.

Deron Williams- Whatever the doctor’s injected in Deron Williams, it is working. Williams shredded the 76er’s with 27 points, six boards and 13 assists. If Williams continues this streak, his price will rise exponentially on all sites.

Yesterday’s Values

Dorrel Wright- Determining which of the 76er’s shooting guard/small forwards are going to score on a nightly basis is incredibly difficult. Last night, Wright and Damien Wilkins scored 15 and 13, respectively.

Jonas Jerebko- My favorite value play from last night, Jerebko scored 15 and grabbed 7 boards, meeting or exceeding value, depending on where you played him.

Today’s Plays

Point Guards

1. Deron Williams- Williams is on the heater of a lifetime. His cost will be prohibitive on many sites but you can’t argue with the results.

2. Jameer Nelson- The Lakers give up points in droves to point guards. Nash just can’t defend anyone at his age. Nelson should also be amped to play his former teammate (Earl Clark, of course).

3. John Wall- If you thought Kyrie was a bad point guard defender, wait till you watch Shaun Livingston try and stay in front of Wall.

Value Play- Shaun Livingston is dirt cheap on every single site. Won’t put up great stats, but will surely meet value with starting minutes.

Shooting Guard

1. Monta Ellis- I might just stop putting Ellis at #1 and just have you assume that I am playing him in every single lineup.

2. Kobe Bryant- On a historic run, against a bad team, and still fighting for a playoff spot.

3. Dion Waiters- When Kyrie doesn’t go, Waiters’ usage rate increases, which means more scoring opportunities. My favorite play of the day, Waiters is currently starting in all of my lineups.

Value Play- Danny Green will see around 30-35 minutes with Leonard & Duncan not playing tonight.

Small Forward

1. Lebron James- Don’t lose out on GPP money tonight because you were the guy who thought he was too smart to start Lebron.

2. Jeff Green- With Paul Pierce most likely sitting out for rest, Green will get starting minutes against a horrible Charlotte team. 100% must play.

3. Tobias Harris- Harris has had a few off games, which has lowered his price. Now in the starting lineup, I love Harris as a play tonight.

Value Play- Trevor Ariza & Martell Webster are both solid starts with Brad Beal expected to sit out yet again.

Power Forward

1. Al Horford- Don’t let the matchup against Miami fool you. Horford is too skilled to be slowed down, even against the Heat’s elite defense.

2. Derrick Williams- Basically the last man standing, Williams should be able to perform against the Spurs’ 2nd string.

3. Anthony Davis- If Ryan Anderson ends up sitting, AD will get 40 minutes of playing time against the likes of Reggie Evans and Andray Blatche.

Value Play- Earl Clark hasn’t been producing much, but it’s safe to assume he’ll show up against his old team and very possible d’Antoni rewards him with some extra minutes.


Tiago Splitter is a great daily NBA fantasy play.

1. Dwight Howard- Tonight is either going to be a legendary daily fantasy performance, or a total no show. Howard is so immature mentally that the boos and treatment from his old teammates might crush him; or, this could be a Lebron returning to Cleveland scenario where he just smashes them into oblivion. I can’t yet decide.

2. Emeka Okafor- If you are scared off by Howard’s mental capacity, Okafor is the play against Cleveland’s awful front line.

3. Tiago Splitter- An easy decision against Minnesota with Duncan sitting.

Value Play-Greg Stiemsma is not a good basketball player. However, for almost the minimum price, he can meet value for you if you want to start 4 or 5 studs elsewhere.

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Davis Mattek is a 20 year old English major at Kansas State University who founded his own website, Sports Wunderkind, late in 2012. In addition to running his own site, Davis is a full-time contributor at Fantasysports.org and a part time contributor at Dynasty League Football, The Fantasy Fix and Rotoviz.

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