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Paul George is the play of the night.
Paul George is the play of the night.

The Daily Fantasy Pulse 2/28


2-27 Studs

Steph Curry, Point Guard, Golden State Warriors: If you don’t know about the night Curry had, you aren’t watching basketball. Curry scored 11 3 pointers last night, killing the Knicks with 54 points and 7 assists. While Curry can easily go cold for games at a time, you have to hope he’s hot when you play him.

Monta Ellis, Guard, Milwaukee Bucks: Since the arrival of J.J Reddick, Ellis has taken on more of the point guard duties and seen an increase in minutes. Not only did Ellis hit an insane 30 foot shot to win the game, but he also dished out 13 assists, grabbed 7 boards and scored 26 points. If this trend in playing time continues, Ellis might turn into a valuable fantasy asset.

Josh Smith, Forward, Atlanta Hawks: Josh Smith is in the lonely category of being a walking triple double. Any given night, he can contribute to any part of stat sheet and last night against the Jazz, Smith scored 24, grabbed 16 boards and nailed 7 assists. Smith is maddeningly inconsistent but if you pay for him on the right now, he will reward you.

2-27 Value Plays

Tobias Harris, Forward, Orlando Magic: If you play on Fanduel, you might be upset with Harris because his score didn’t get added to your total until early this morning. Never the less, Tobias way surpassed value with 23 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists. Getting that much production out of Harris was a boon to anyone who chose to play him.

Donatas Montiejunas, Forward, Houston Rockets: Getting the starting nod while Houston tries to figure out what to do with Thomas Robinson, Montiejunas was available for dirt cheap and came through in spaces. For minimum salary, Donatas scored 13 points, grabbed 7 boards and tallied 5 assists.

2-28 Plays (A light schedule, but if you play Thurs-Fri games, these are applicable)

Point Guard

1. Chris Paul

2. Jrue Holiday

3. Kirk Hinrich

Value Play: J.J Barea

Chris Paul is the 3rd most dominant fantasy player when he needs to score and I think he’ll have to tonight. Holiday gets the matchup with the weaker Hinrich and despite disappointing Tuesday, should rebound tonight. Hinrich returns to the starting lineup for the Bulls at a discounted price on most sites. Barea will get minutes against the Lakers terrible defense and will give Dwight nightmares if Howard isn’t trying tonight.

Shooting Guard

1. Kobe Bryant

2. Paul George

3. Lance Stephenson

Value Play: Alexy Shved

There isn’t a ton of high salary guys playing tonight, so you can most likely afford to play Bryant and George without murdering your salary cap. Stephenson is the classic middling salary, middling stats type player that you can use if you choose to go high salary on your forward spots. Shved draws a matchup against the struggling Lakers, making him playable in the limited minutes he will get.

Small Forward

1. Luol Deng

2. Matt Barnes

3. Earl Clark

Value Play: Mickael Gelabale

Deng is the only small forward play that I can recommend tonight, it’s really ugly. Both of the Sixers who would normally be worth playing are matched up with Deng, limiting their upside. Deng’s high minutes and usage in Thib’s current offense make him worth playing. Clark is a better play than World Peace, if only because I like his rebounding upside more.  The only small forward I will be playing on all sites tonight is Gelabale, who will be starting in AK-47′s absence and is available for the minimum price. He has no upside to speak of, but will be on the court for at least 28 minutes.

Power Forward

1. Derrick Williams

2. Carlos Boozer

3. Blake Griffin

Value Play: Dante Cunningham

Williams will be the primary benificary of Kirilenko’s injury and his price is already starting to rise on most sites. Boozer is playing the weakened front court of the 76er’s and is a more attractive option than the more expensive Griffin. Griffin draws a tough matchup with Roy Hibbert and David West, but will still get his 25 to 30 points. Value plays are thin with only 3 games are hard to find, but Dante Cunningham or Antawn Jamison are 2 cheaper players who could provide around 20 points in limited minutes.


1. Roy Hibbert

2. Joakim Noah

3. Nikola Pekovic

Value Play: DeAndre Jordan

Hibbert has the best combination of matchup and price, cheaper than Blake ‘Tyrannosaurus Rex Arms’ Griffin who will be guarding him. Noah is pricier, but is a safer play than Hibbert. Pek draws the matchup from Dwight, who I am not using in any format. Howard is too unpredictable night to night, in regards to effort, to make me play him. Jordan is only going to play 25 minutes, but if he gets hot or grabs 15 rebounds, he could meet value.

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