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Show Some (Dis)Respect: Reorder your League’s Divisions


There are plenty of ways to make things MORE interesting in your league. Consider this a fun and interesting way to mix things up in your league.

Different Divisions

Some might disagree, but your Fantasy Football league does NOT have to have the same divisions each year. You can change divisions and still keep your rivalry week, plus changing divisions around can bring a little fairness to the league, especially if you use keepers or are in a dynasty league.

This might bring back some hurtful memories from your elementary P.E. dodgeball days, but consider picking divisions in your league.

Picking Divisions

There are a few ways to reorder your division:

  • Draw names out of a hat (snooze)
  • Last year’s final standings or draft pick (odds and evens)
  • PICKING YOUR DIVISIONS (Yes I’m yelling)

The two (or three if you have three divisions) people in charge of picking the divisions can be random or intentional. The easiest way of doing things would be to have last year’s championship game participants be the two “pickers.”

So the 2011 winner would pick first who is in his/her division. Then the 2011 runner-up would choose. Both teams alternate until the divisions are set.

First Pick = Not Good

The fun part about choosing the divisions this way is the reaction of the first few teams chosen. If someone chooses you to be in their division with the first overall pick, chances are that he/she views your team as a terrible team. A team that is an easy win two times out of the year.

Strategy also can come into play, especially if your draft order has already been set and/or you have keepers. You might be the worst fantasy football player ever, but if you have Cam Newton and Rob Gronkowski as late round keepers, a wise person would keep you out of their division.

Oh, and if you get picked last, you are seen as a formidable opponent, unlike those dodgeball days of yours.

Do you have the same divisions each year? Do you mix it up? Let us know in the comments below.

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