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Fantasy Sports Gets More Competitive as Data Gets Better

Whether you’re an All-Pro NFL quarterback or just an average Joe playing some pickup basketball with friends, there is no doubt you have some competitive spirit in your blood.  We all dream of one day taking the field at Yankee Stadium or running out of the tunnel at Lambeau Field, but unfortunately that won’t come to fruition for most of us.  With the increasing popularity and new variations of fantasy sports games emerging each year, there is truly something for every sports fan looking to feed that competitive beast.

When you join a fantasy league with a group of your friends, the number one thought on your mind is bragging rights.  The last thing you want happening is that loudmouth friend of yours taking home the top spot and reminding you of it everyday for an entire offseason.  A little money at stake doesn’t hurt either, and people aren’t shy about shelling out some dough.  At Competitive Sports Analysis, we decided to do a little research ourselves, and found out that on average, fantasy sports GMs spend over $1,100 on league fees alone.  Couple that with a little over $300 invested each year into the rapidly growing daily games, it makes sense as to why people are constantly checking their phones for score updates each and every Sunday.  In fact, our survey found 79 percent of GMs check their lineups frequently.  With some of the daily games sites like DraftKings and FanDuel offering $1 million first prizes for their end of the year contests, I can understand why people want to know their scores all of the time.


While 58% of GMs subscribe to fantasy sports-centric sites for content or analytics, that doesn’t mean they just take the advice they get and run with it.  They still want to captain their ship and make their own lineup decisions, but the data they receive from a subscription-based website, like scoutPRO, is just the co-captain they are looking for.  In addition, these sites can help ease the time commitment burden that often prevents fans from taking the plunge into the world of fantasy sports because they cull through data for you and offer up the numbers and projections you’re looking for.  Even if you don’t know have the slightest clue as to what PPR or IDP stand for, don’t let it stop you from joining in the fun.  Three out of five people are likely to start playing within the next 12 months, and there is a good chance some of them are just as fantasy sports challenged as you.

Fantasy sports are a great excuse to spend some time together with family, your old college buddies or even your co-workers – yes even in the office. HR experts say workplace fantasy leagues actually improve your productivity and corporate culture. With 34 million fantasy sports users in the United States alone, it’s clear there is something drawing people to this industry.  Whether it’s the bragging rights or the money, one thing is obvious.  People love competition, and talking a little smack when the time is right.

Diane Bloodworth, FSODiane Bloodworth is founder and CEO of Competitive Sports Analysis , a leading provider of predictive sports data and creators of scoutPRO® Fantasy Football.  Through CSA, Diane is able to combine her love of sports and expert knowledge of technology.  Follow Diane @CSAscoutPRO and @scoutproff.

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