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Fantasy Football League Payment Processing Sites

Twitter and message board Fantasy Football leagues always seem like a great idea — until you get to collecting the money. Sure, PayPal could do the trick. But not everyone trusts somebody that they have never personally met with their money. And why should they?

With league payment processing sites such as SportsVault and League Safe, paying online can no longer be considered risky. Let’s dive in to what these sites can do for you, and why I use them for my online leagues.

What are Payment Processing Sites?

It’s simple: these league payment solutions will keep your money fromm the time that league fees are due to the time that league payouts are distributed. It keeps it simple. One-time deposit, the money stays with the payment site all year long, which keeps the situation from getting ugly or mixed up. Plain and simple, these sites serve as the only 100-percent safe and secure ways to play Fantasy Baseball or Fantasy Football for money with participants. All league winners receive their loot, every time.

How do I get on this awesomeness?

Both SportsVault and League Safe are extremely simple, although both processing sites have their differences. League Safe gives the commissioner total control. The commissioner sets up the safe, then adds the owners and their emails into the blanks, then sends invites to the owners. The commissioner has the option to have total control of payouts or if he wants owners to vote on and approve payouts. It’s a three percent charge for owners to use credit cards.

SportsVault, however, is completely free. They are the first in the industry to be 100 percent free, even when using credit cards. Because invites can sometimes be fluky, SV did away with the invites system. Instead of sending invites, you simply share your link with the owners you wish to join your league (or on Twitter, Facebook, etc.). It’s that simple — no waiting for owners to send the commissioner their email address and then send over the invite.


Unlike PayPal, both of the aforementioned sites are 100 percent secure. Sports Vault’s security system is equivalent to those of systems used by national banks. The security of your info is a top priority. None of your info from credit cards or bank accounts are stored on the site.


Using both sites in the past, I’ve never had a problem getting my winnings. The money will be transferred into your account and you can withdraw (for a fee, which varies by site and type of withdrawal) or you can keep the money in your account for future leagues.

Bottom Line

Take advantage of these sites. It’s much safer, easier for owners, and easier for commissioners if everything is secured online by two reliable sites. Set up is simple, entry fees can be paid in moments, the funds are in the hands of the site, not your commissioner, a strict payment deadline can make sure owners get their money in on time, everyone gets their money, right after the season. It’s the easiest way to manage money when it comes to Fantasy Sports.

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