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Fantasy Football Podcasts of the Week

Podcasts of the Week

For many commuters, the podcast has replaced the radio as the go-to source for entertainment. I’d say more specifically, in my case the podcast replaced the sports radio station a few years ago to the point that I barely remember the stations. Podcasts are great because you can get them directly on your phone, you listen to exactly what you want, and even if they have commercials, you can fast-forward through them.

The fantasy-football podcast “market” is saturated. Instead of attempting to drink from the proverbial fire hose, I’ll help you on your journey to enlightenment. This first installment will help you with the all-important first step, actually getting to the podcasts, and three of my favorite general-interest fantasy-football podcasts.

How does one get a podcast into a telephone, anyway?

For the iPhone crowd, it’s pretty straightforward. Download the iTunes app. Once you get the app on your device, all you have to do it tap the search button, type in the name of the podcast, subscribe, and you can get new episodes automatically downloaded. For Android devices, Stitcher is a popular free app, and there are others if you want to shell out a few bucks.

Another simple way to listen to your favorite podcast is to listen to them directly on the site. Most sites offer the option to stream. Go to your favorite fantasy-football site, search for the podcast, and listen away.

Three podcasts walk into a bar

To begin the podcast journey, I’ll highlight three of my favorite fantasy-football ‘casts.

The Audible (Football Guys): This podcast has been around for so long that co-creators Cecil Lammey and Sigmund Bloom used to upload it a an mp3. Remember those? It’s hard to call The Audible one thing, because it’s not one podcast, it’s a series that grows every “season”. There’s the Thursday night live show, which includes Lammey, Bloom, Wild Man Matt Waldman and The Doc Jene Bramel. It’s an hour long during the “offseason” which of course we know doesn’t exist and two hours during the “playing season.” Other shows include Sigmund’s “On the Couch” which features interviews with fantasy dudes from the FBG family and outside, The IDP Roundtable, weekly previews and reviews of the action, and interviews with beat writers with every NFL team.

The second podcast to sidle up to the infinite sports bar is the 2 Mugs Fantasy Football Podcast with Ryan Forbes and Rumford Johnny. Every week the Mugs give you “the goods” by bringing in an expert like Evan Silva or their personal favorite, “RotoPat” or Patrick Daugherty. There will be occasional nonsense, or my favorite, beer discussion, but it’s mostly about the football. The hosts bring in draft experts in the months heading into the NFL Draft, and during the season they get your ready for your weekly and daily leagues.

My final podcast is a relative newcomer from one of my favorite fantasy-football sites. It’s RotoViz Radio. Jon Moore and Matt “The Oracle” Freedman are the co-hosts. RotoViz is very number- and stats-heavy, and the podcast is a way to translate those numbers and stats into actionable fantasy-football advice. In a recent show they brought in Mr. Rumford Johnny to talk about the Patriots’ running backs and which players on the roster might take over the current Shane Vereen and Stevan Ridley roles.

That’s just three podcasts, and I tried in this initial post to highlight three that are of a general interest. The “deep” depth of podcasts means that you can find the voice you like, and the subject matter you like. Download a bunch, listen to them during commutes, workouts, and those particularly boring staff meetings (all the cool kids are doing it).

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