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Top 5 Peyton and Eli Manning Videos

There are times when a football player is knocked down for having interests outside of the sport. In the case of the Mannings, they are living in the multimedia universe and are playing to the crowd. Check out the top Peyton and Eli videos from the past few years. We’re all familiar with the Direct TV spots and I collected the past few years’ versions and a couple of the best videos from Peyton and Eli’s Saturaday Night Live performances. Enjoy.

The latest: Fantasy Zone 2014

The review: I don’t mind the Lonely Island-inspired word salad to the rap video. I think we’ve seen this style so much that just witnessing Peyton and Eli rap isn’t laugh-worthy. Getting Eli to auto tune, now that was nice. The Joe Namath cameo: probably more creepy than funny.

From 2013: Football on Your Phone

The review: Peyton and Eli fans (probably a few more of the latter) loved this departure from their commercial personas. It’s never a bad idea to let these clean-cut dudes go with wigs or mustaches.

From 2011: Football Cops

The review: This one’s actually a little on edge, what with gunplay, Eli impaling a dude with a football, and the fiery finale. Give the Mannings credit for being “game”.

Peyton on SNL

The review: Colts fans may be partial to a wet evening in Miami, but this is Peyton’s finest moment. I always wonder if he actually cursed in those bleeped-out moments.

Eli on SNL

I couldn’t get an embed version, so check it out via the linky.

The review: If something ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This is a slightly more kind and gentle version of the Peyton spot, with Eli working with kids to pick on older brothers. There was a little catharsis when Eli called the kid he threw in his trunk “Peyton”, but I guess two Super Bowl MVP awards don’t hurt either.

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