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Free Fantasy Football Draft Tools

2013 Free Fantasy Football Draft Tools: Part 2

Glad to see you made it back! I’m guessing you loved the first 10 tools that I pimped out last week, you wanted to see 10 more great free Fantasy Football Draft tools this week!

I can’t blame you.

Figure if last week’s set of tools helped you have a great draft, this week’s set will help you draft your way into the playoffs!

8 More Free Fantasy Football Draft Tools

Remember, if there are some free Fantasy Football draft tools you think I’ve overlooked, make sure you sent me an email, or comment on this page and we’ll check it out – whether it’s your site or someone else’s.

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9. Draftologist.com Draft Planalyzer

In all of these Fantasy tools, this one perplexes me the most. Not because I don’t understand it, but I guess because I don’t understand how none of the major Fantasy sites have stolen the idea yet.

Basically, you fill out an Excel spreadsheet with your Fantasy league’s draft results (just the positions, not the player names) from the past three years. Then, after probably about an hour’s worth of work on your part, you’ll end up with a tool that helps you:

  • Know owner tendencies during a draft. You’ll know which positions each of your leaguemates usually draft in each round. (This will also tell you which owners are more predictable than others.
  • Get a really good idea as to which owners are usually the trend-setters (and when those trends start), grabbing the first player at a given position, like tight end or defense.
  • Figure out how much depth your league will have at any given position.

This is easily one of my favorite draft tools around – especially for league owners that have played with the same guys for several years in a row.

10. FootballGuys.com’s “Looking For Leagues” Forum

One of the toughest things regular Fantasy Football commissioners have to do is fill up a league after an owner or two bails, and no one has a buddy that: a) wants to play or b) knows anything about Fantasy Football. All the buddies they do know that are like that are already in their league. This forum is full of people looking for leagues – and leagues looking for people.

11. TradeDebate.com Community Trade Rater

TradeDebate - Free Fantasy Football Draft ToolsYou know, sometimes you need other people’s opinions before pulling the trigger on a big trade. That’s what TradeDebate.com is all about. You submit a trade possibility, and the community votes whether you win the trade, whether your opponent wins the trade, or whether it’s just a plain fair deal all around.

12. FantasyPros.com’s Fantasy Player News Aggregator

The FantasyPros have done a really nice job of connecting into all of the different player news sites, and displaying current news in a way that’s not overwhelming. They display Fantasy player news updates from sites like KFFL, CBSSports.com, ProFootballTalk and Rotoworld.

13. FantasyRundown.com’s 2013 Rankings Compilation Page

I already mentioned that Fantasy Rundown brings you the best articles EVERY day, but what I might not have mentioned is that they also tell you whenever a site updates their rankings. As a matter of fact, they stay on the industry’s pulse, mentioning when any of 38 different sites (at the time of this writing) update their Fantasy Football position rankings.

14. FantasyFootballCalculator.com Average Draft Position Rankings

Free Fantasy Football Draft Tools - FantasyFootballCalculatorNot only is this an incredibly useful set of ADP rankings, but you can also select a specific player, to see how they have been trending over recent weeks. Like, what was Tom Brady’s ADP value three weeks ago compared to now, with the loss of Aaron Hernandez to legal trouble? (Spoiler alert: His ADP value was better before.)

15. FootballGuys.com Daily Emails

While there are several sites you can go to for your daily Fantasy news updates, there’s something convenient about having them pushed to you from these guys. Instant news isn’t always analyzed the best, whereas these guys have a full day to take in the news and react to it. Also, they’ll still shoot you some breaking news once in a while when a major Fantasy event happens, like an injury or arrest.

16. MyFantasyLeague.com’s Average Auction Values

Just a great way to get an idea of the prices you should expect to pay for players in your Fantasy Football auction. As you know, auctions are usually very different from one to the next, much more so than a regular Fantasy draft. But starting off with a solid basis for auction values should give you a good head start.

Free Fantasy Football Draft Tools: Part I — Part III —Part IV – Part V

Once again, this is the second part of a series looking into the best free Fantasy Football draft tools on the Internet. Come back next week for eight more great tools!

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