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Are You Mocking to Me? Mock Drafts Explained

Mock drafts are not just the key to prostate health (they’re not, totally kidding), they are the reason why you will triumph in your 2014 redraft leagues. Mock fantasy football drafts have a few different levels. Today’s post will get into what they are, why you should do them, where you can do them for free, and where can you do them for a small investment.

What is a mock draft?

A mock draft is basically a fake fantasy football draft. I know, a fake version of a fake league, how meta. You pick players as if it’s a real draft but it’s not. It’s for practice. Try stuff out, see what happens. A “fake” draft allows you to do quite a few things. It allows you to see how a draft may unfold. If you’re in a 12-team league, for example, and you know your draft slot, you can practice from that singular draft slot till the cows come home (they never do, at least in my case). If you don’t know your draft slot, try out every slot, and I recommend more than once. Get a feel for what kind of team you can get. If you pick at the turn, it’s critical to see what kind of talent drop-off happens when you wait 22 picks between selections. See what kind of RBs you can get if you start WR-WR. Want to draft a QB or TE early (I won’t tell JJ, I swear)? Try it.

I know it sounds crazy, but fantasy football has a lot to do with feelings. You have to find out what you really feel about, as well as think about, as many players as possible. Do you feel the urge to hurl if you select Trent Richardson, even if he falls to the seventh round? That’s important. Do you want to boogie like Peyton if the dancin’ MVP slides into the second round? Gravy. Or should I say, breadsticks. To be a thorough mocker, you shouldn’t be allowed to stop until you’ve selected every player in the top 300 of Fantasy Football Calculator’s ADP.

The more you mock, the better prepared you’ll be. For my local keeper league’s previous redraft, which happens every four years, I was taken aback when in one mock, quarterbacks flew off the board. In real life, that’s what happened and I was prepared. I didn’t panic like Blaine Gabbert in the pocket.

Where can I mock draft, smart guy?

The Fake Football has a mock draft tool, and like many fantasy-football draft applications, there’s a free version and a “pro” version. The free version lets you pick PPR or standard, the number of teams, your draft slot, starting lineups, and all that jazz. You can play anytime because you don’t have to find other mockers. Fantasy Football Calculator does mocks as well and includes the Football Guys’ “rate my team” so you’ll get an email after the mock telling you how you did. My Fantasy League has mocks that start every ten minutes and can be customized to any kind of league.

For the premium option, try the Football Guys Draft Dominator, or the mobile version called FootballGuys Dominator. There’s a free version of the Draft Dominator (PC/Mac) so you can check out the functionality. To get the updated rankings, you need to buy the full version. With this tool, you will be able to set up your league, include any draft-day trades, and even have your “opponents” draft using different cheat sheets, kind of like in real life.

Get busy mocking, or get busy dying.

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