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Michael Rathburn Leaves Daily Joust

“Rath” is Switching Teams

A bit of shocking news happened yesterday in the daily fantasy world. Michael Rathburn announced that he was leaving the daily fantasy site Daily Joust and teaming up with FantasyFeud, another daily fantasy website. Rathburn, who previously was with RotoExperts for a year and a half, joined DailyJoust in 2011, serving as Director of Operations.

“Rath” made his announcement on Twitter, sporting a new avatar and Twitter handle (@FantasyFeudRath).

 Writing on the Wall for Daily Joust?

Losing Rathburn is a huge loss for Daily Joust, and some are concerned that they soon will be closing up shop.

Daily fantasy site RotoGrinders.com also had more information on what’s going on at DJ. RotoGrinders co-founder Cal Spears said in a RG forum post that Daily Joust co-owner Mike Mathys has resigned as well, leaving Michael Brooks as the man in charge. Spears also noted that he confirmed that player funds are 100% safe, easing concerns of a potential disaster situation of DJ not being able to pay out their customers.

This news could not have happened at a worse time, as their $50,000 Super Joust is today.

Will Daily Joust close its doors or be acquired? Only time will tell.

Talking to those connected in the daily fantasy industry, the real winner in this situation is FantasyFeud, who has added a very valuable member to their staff. According to Rathburn, his role right now is a consultatory one that will evolve.

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