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Interview - Sigmund Bloom

FS Interview Series: Meet Sigmund Bloom

Meet Sigmund Bloom, lover of fantasy football and…Phish?

I first heard Sigmund on Nashville’s Wake Up Zone morning radio show. He was answering WDIS (Who Do I Start?) calls and e-mails on the air at a furious pace. Well, the radio spot worked as I immediately got a FootballGuys.com subscription and started following him on Twitter.

If you’re on Twitter, he’s one of those guys that you HAVE TO follow. Not even an option. @SigmundBloom
If you’re not on Twitter, here are some reasons why you should?

1) Besides writing for FootballGuys, what else do you do?

I cover the NFL Draft Beat for Bleacher Report, co-host the Audible with Cecil Lammey and do radio spots nationwide.

2) When and how did you get into writing about fantasy sports?

Having an office job in the early 00′s when office leagues and the internet as a resource were both blowing up spurred me to get deeper into the fantasy sports world. The Footballguys forums were a terrific proving ground, and I was soon hooked.

3) What is your ideal fantasy league to play in (draft, # of teams, scoring, etc.)?

  • 16 team snake draft
  • Full IDP lineup
  • TE premium (1.5 points per TE reception)
  • PPR scoring

4) You live in Austin, TX. So can we assume you’re a Longhorn fan / BBQ lover / music festival attendee?

I’m still loyal to my alma mater Syracuse in college sports, but I did thoroughly enjoy the Vince Young led national championship in 05-06. Big time BBQ fan and would definitely recommend that anyone who comes down here check our Franklin’s or John Mueller’s. Go about 30 minutes away to Lockhart and enjoy the legendary Kreuz or Smitty’s if you have the time.

Live music is probably just as much a passion as football in my life. I’ve seen Phish over 100 times and enjoyed the ACL festival and SXSW just about every year.

5) Favorite perk you get being a fantasy sports writer?

I get to call watching football and drafting/managing my teams “work”. Also getting to meet so many awesome people from the community.

6) How many radio show interviews do you do in a week during football season?

Usually at least 6-8, not including our Audible podcasts.

7) People call in with detailed “Who Do I Start” questions and you answer almost instantly. Can you explain your process for answering so quickly?

Every Tuesday and Wednesday,  I go into the bunker to project the stats for every player in every game during the upcoming week. When people ask WDIS questions, I check against my rankings. Sometimes I find that I actually disagree with my first projection. So all of the WDIS questions help improve my rankings during the week, I appreciate them.

8) Your thoughts on the rapid growth of daily fantasy sports?

Sports are infinitely fascinating and we love trying to know the unknowable. Daily contests give us a chance to test that every day.

9) You have over 10,000 Twitter followers. How has Twitter changed your line of work?

It has improved it greatly – from getting news instantly and being able to have a conversation with the journalists who break the news to giving my audience a direct line and ability to forge relationships with everyone individually, it has really ramped up the human element of the job, which I love.

Sigmund Bloom’s columns: FootballGuys and Bleacher Report
Twitter handle: @Sigmund Bloom 

Thanks to Sigmund for taking the time to answer these questions. And we would be rude if we didn’t wish him a happy birthday.

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