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Interesting Fantasy Football League Names

Fantasy Football Draft Boards – Interesting League Names

Let’s start out with this shameless plug: For those that do not already know, we sell fantasy football draft board kits for serious/fun fantasy football leagues. What makes our draft boards so unique is that you can customize them. Some boards are up to 3′ x 6′ wide, so your league’s name is on display for all to see.

Fantasy Football Draft Board Kit

With that being said, we get a lot of interesting league names (“interesting” sounds so much better than unique or weird) that leagues choose to put on those draft boards. What’s more, leagues can choose to include their draft location or slogans on the boards. Some of the slogans get pretty interesting as well, but that’s for another post.

Here are actual names of fantasy football league draft boards that have been ordered on our site in 2013.

Antonio Cromartie’s 6-Year Olds Fantasy Football League

This obviously isn’t a league made up of Antonio Cromartie’s children, right? It’s a 12 team league, and Cromartie only has 9 or 10 six-year olds. Unless…..

Fantasy Football Draft Board Picture - Antonio Cromartie's 6 Year Olds

 The Man Cave Cave Men League

Alright, so this is a pretty awesome name for a fantasy football league. It’s hard to read the slogan on the image below, but it says “The Birthplace of Football.” Well done, Man Cave Cave Men League.

Fantasy Football Draft Board Picture -The Man Cave Cave Man


Fantasy ShMANtasy Fantasy Football League

We actually updated the final board to emphasize the MAN in ShMANtasy. Again, another pretty awesome league name. Some leagues are creative and some leagues are weird. This league might be a bit of both with the slogan “What’s your fantasy ??”

One question mark is fine. Two question marks means something totally different.

Fantasy Football Draft Board Picture - Fantasy Shmantasy 2013


Eskimo Bros Fantasy Football League

If you are a fan of The League on FX, then you know all about Eskimo Brothers. Suffice to say that if all ten members of this league are eskimo brothers, well…. yeah… that’s interesting.

Fantasy Football Draft Board Picture - Eskimo Bros


Itchin’ To Play With My Nuts Fantasy Football League

We can’t even classify this as interesting…. when we first got this fantasy football draft board order, we thought, “Is this real?”

It is indeed a real league name for a fantasy football league. Maybe it’s the league’s commish letting his league know that he can’t wait to play fantasy football with them.

Or maybe….. well…. nevermind.

Fantasy Football Draft Board Picture - Itching to play with my nuts


Duly Noted XVII Fantasy Football League

The Duly Noted League gets recognition not because of the “Duly Noted” but because of the XVII. So far they are our longest running league, meaning that they have been going since 1996. So basically they drafted right after the Atlanta Olympics.

Therefore, this fantasy football league name has been… wait for it… duly noted.

Fantasy Football Draft Board Picture - Duly Noted XVII

Pylonpalooza 2013 Fantasy Football League

Someone took football and mixed with a concert … then they sprinkled in some alliteration. Awesome.

If a member of Pylonpalooza reads this, please contact us. We’ll send you a free Fantasy Football Nerd shirt. You deserve it.

Fantasy Football Draft Board Picture - Pylonpalooza 2013


The Love Boat Fantasy Football League

Can we please get a league picture of the Love Boat Fantasy Football League? Because honestly we have no idea what a fantasy football league of this name would look like.

Fantasy Football Draft Board Picture - The Love Boat


Ham on the Plate Fantasy Football League

Ham on the Plate. That’s all I’ve got.

God bless Olive Branch, Mississippi.

Fantasy Football Draft Board Picture - Ham on the plate

Mustache.Meat.Men Fantasy Football League

If there was a league that encapsulated the raw male that rages inside of us during our league activities, it would be the Mustache. Meat. Men league… This is like the “Bear. Beats. Battlestar Gallactica” scene in the office. Where those three words describe a perfect nerd, this would describe a perfect league. Well done.

Steaks (rare) and beer were most definitely served at this fine fantasy football draft party.

Also, we’re glad that they spelled Meat with an A…. a misspelling on that word could have severe consequences.

Fantasy Football Draft Board Picture - Mustache Meat Men


X-Men Legacy League

Someone named their league after the X-Men, and then used a slogan from Talladega Nights. This is a confused league made up of nerds and rednecks.

Sounds like the typical league here in Tennessee.

Fantasy Football Draft Board Picture - X-Men Legacy League

The Fantasy Cave of Men Alliance Fantasy Football League

I don’t even know where to begin with this league name.

Imagine having a fantasy (sports) cave for your league.

Fantasy Football Draft Board Picture - The Fantasy Cave of Men Alliance

Corn on the Schaub Fantasy Football League

This league makes the cut because of the cleverness of the league. This league definitely has some clever fantasy football team names.

Fantasy Football Draft Board Picture - Corn on the Schaub

Suck It Fantasy Football League

This is most definitely a bitter league with LOTS of trash talk.

Also, another reminder from The Office and their version of The Suck It vacuum.

Fantasy Football Draft Board Picture - Suck It


How The F Did Walt Win? Fantasy Football League

The award for the best fantasy football league name goes to the “How the F Did Walt Win? Fantasy Football League.”

Most leagues keep their names from year to year, but our guess is that Walt is equal to The League’s “Taco,” forcing the league to keep this question burning for a whole season.

If we interpret this league correctly, Walt used three fluorescent green stickers on this draft board. (Green = Kicker)

Fantasy Football Draft Board Picture - How the F did Walt Win


Order Your Fantasy Football Draft Board Kit

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T-Shirt Giveaway!

Who had the best league name and who had the creepiest league name?

Leave your comments below in the comments section and we’ll pick a random person to give away one of fantasy football shirts to. Thanks.


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