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It’s Okay to Draft After the Season Starts… Really.


Today marks the glorious start of the NFL season. So does that mean you can no longer start/join a fantasy football league? Not necessarily.

With the first game of the season being on a Wednesday (originally scheduled for Thursday but pushed a day ahead to accomodate the Democratic National Convention), Labor Day weekend was the last weekend to have your live drafts before the official start of the season. However, look no further than the high-stakes fantasy tournaments happening this weekend to realize that it is okay to have a draft after the first game of the season.

More Strategy

Nearly all of the major tournaments, either in Las Vegas or online, are hosting their drafts this Saturday, a day before the Sunday games start. With many of the high stakes entries costing $1500 for a team (gulp), the players  consider themselves the best of the best. With so much riding on the line, they are serious about  analysis and draft day strategies. Having a game that has already been played COUNT toward the season? It only adds to the strategy.

Yes you get a sneak preview of two of the 32 NFL teams. Yes you can even draft players knowing that their performances in Week 1 can count toward your Week 1 score. This is what adds to the strategy of the game.

Tonight’s game will feature players that have good and bad games. Will you take a player early based on their breakout performance or chalk it up to fool’s gold? Or will you evaluate a lousy start as someone just shaking off the rust?

The choice to draft those players is yours . . . as is the actual draft.

Places to Draft

With Facebook and Twitter, you should have no problem filling up a league for a draft before Sunday. This is also an excellent time to experiment with different options (Auction, 2 QBs, PPR, 3 WR, Keeper/Dynasty, 
IDP, etc.).

If you can’t (or don’t want to), try these places:

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