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Introducing TWIFS: This Week in Fantasy Sports

One of the things you’re going to love about the new FantasySports.org is that we’re going to introduce you to things you didn’t know about in the world of Fantasy Sports. There is only so much time in the day, and those spinal cords aren’t going to do surgery on themselves, so while you’re doing that – we’re out scouring the Fantasy Sports world for new and great features, tools, websites, writers and articles.

So each week, I’m going to post the TWIFS article: This Week in Fantasy Sports.

Consider me your Fantasy Mel Allen.

I understand, for instance, that only about 14 percent, at best, got that reference. If you did, congratulations! You are an old fart like me. If you didn’t, well, drink your Red Bull and vodka and get off my lawn.

TWIFS: 5 Things I Love This Week

1. ESPN’s Matthew Berry’s 100 Facts

This has now become a regular occurrence for Berry, and it’s always a fun read. It’s a great way of saying you can shape an argument any way you want, if you have the right stats.

“13. Last season, Calvin Johnson was tackled an NFL-leading eight times inside the 5-yard line.”

2. DLF’s Not Top 10 List

Jacob Feldman of DynastyLeagueFootball.com did a nice job of looking at the top 10 players at each Fantasy position last year, and he makes some sage predictions of which players won’t make it back to the top 10 by season’s end this year. (Pssst … If you already drafted Trent Richardson, you should NOT read this.)

3. Matthew Perry is Probably Sick of Answering Questions About a Book He Didn’t Write

But this week, after Berry’s book, “Fantasy Life” ranked in the top 200 books sold on Amazon.com, it was likely Chandler Bing’s turn to roll his eyes.

4. Average Average Draft Positions

Our own Davis Mattek reviews five different mock draft sites, and combined the ADP from each for a SUPER ADP for the first three rounds. (Spoiler alert: No kickers or Hernandez’s.)

5. Fantasy Team Name: Robert Gryphon III

Great team name and logo from Redditor tacodelgado24

Robert Gryphon III

This RGIII doesn’t even need knees. He really should wear a helmet, though … and a diaper.

TWIFS: 5 Things I Hate This Week

1. No More Fantasy Analysis on FantasyDouche.com

Everyone’s favorite douche is actually just moving all of his incredibly well-thought out pieces on fanalytics over to RotoViz.com.

2. CBSSports.com’s Jamey Eisenberg’s Column on Busts

It’s OK, Jamey hates it, too.

Here’s why: When you do a Busts column, you are purposely choosing players valued high by many in ADP, then talking about how they will perform worse than MOST people think. Then everyone piles on top of you in the message boards and at the Laundromat. Then, if a chosen player stinks the place up – no one remembers you. But oh, if that guy has an awesome season, they remember – even when you don’t.

3. That You Can Hear Me Getting Fatter

SI.com’s Eric Mack and I finally got our acts together and we did a “Fantasy Fatcast,” which is just a fun, self-deprecating way of saying a Fantasy podcast. This week, we talked about quarterbacks and strategy … and pizza.

4. That LateRoundQB.com Uses Words Better than Me to Explain Why Not to Draft Jimmy Graham

I think you’re crazy to take a tight end that early, too – even one expected to be as awesome as Graham. But J.J. Zachariason can just explain it to you better, as talks VBD and chocolate milk and he uses cool graphs!


5. Percy Harvin’s Injury History on KFFL.com

With news that Harvin might need hip surgery (he’s scheduled for an MRI next week), it reminded us all about how this guy is a ball of talent … and gauze … and pain killers … and Fantasy owners’ regret.


Bonus Thing I Love & Hate

FantasyInsiders.com launched this week, which promises to be an exciting new Daily Fantasy Sports content site! Some of my colleagues at FantasySports.org will be writing over there, so in an effort to try to keep up with the Joneses, I wanted to mention one of the other sites I write for, DFSEdge.com. I post articles about Daily Fantasy Baseball and Football over there on Monday and Friday. THERE! Take that!

I hope you enjoyed our first edition of “This Week in Fantasy Sports,” which shall henceforth be referred to as “TWIFS.”

Again, if you have something I might love or hate – tweet it over to me @DavidGonos

How ‘bout that?

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