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2013 Fantasy Sports Journal

Introducing the Free “Fantasy Sports Journal” Quarterly Magazine

Over the past few months, we’ve been working on the “Fantasy Sports Journal,” which is a free quarterly newsletter that covers everything Fantasy industry related. Finally, after several exhaustive weeks (mostly for my partner, David Kitchen), we’re so proud to release the inaugural issue.

It’s a PDF file that you can download here for free (if it doesn’t display in your browser properly, right click on the link and select “Save As”).

This is our baby – and we’re quite proud of it.

Fantasy Sports Journal: Vol. 1, Issue 1

The first issue is 48 pages long, Kitchen and I had a ton of help from writers like Christian Hardy and Davis Mattek. Both of them contributed articles, as well as ideas.

Several Fantasy sites also helped us with some great content – so let’s talk about that content!

FSJ – Table of Contents

The Search For the Perfect Fantasy Team Name

  • Luke Wetta of BestFantasyTeamNames.com shares his expertise on just what exactly it takes to come up with a truly great Fantasy Football team name. He offers up several examples people have submitted on his website that we think you’ll like.

Don’t Be a Twitter Rookie

  • Five reasons why your Fantasy game will take a big leap forward if you understand the best ways to use Twitter to your Fantasy advantage.
Fantasy Sports Journal Twitter12

Find out who the top 12 Fantasy Football Twitterererers are.


2013 Fantasy Football’s #Twitter12

  • I list the 12 best Fantasy Football tweeters in the industry, according to the Fantasy Twitter community. There are ton of worthy Twitterererers, but this Twirty Dozen stands above the rest.

The Day Fantasy Football Finally Mattered

  • Many of you might already know the #FFHelpMadi story. If you don’t, check it out. If you do, learn more about the story, and how the Fantasy community did something more than just tout fake football teams. Great piece by Mattek.

Tech Time Tackles the Top 10 Fantasy Football Apps for 2013

  • Mattek also takes a look at his favorite Fantasy apps for this season, for your iPad or smartphones.

The Journeyman Fantasy Football Writer

  • Josh Moore, of 4for4.com, tells us about his 15-week trek through South America with his newlywed wife. The crazy part is – he was just trying to get to Iowa. (OK, that part’s a lie.)

Drinking the Dez Bryant Kool-Aid

  • TheFakeFootball.com ran a writer contest a few weeks ago, and this article about Bryant’s 2013 Fantasy prospects helped Justin Bonnema take home the $285 in cash and prizes – and a new writing gig!

Top 12 [Fake] Fantasy Sites … That Never Existed

  • Sometimes, the voices in my head tell me weird things … like to list out these Fantasy sites that just never made it off the ground.

Breaking Down Fantasy League Services for 2013

  • Have you been trying to convince your league to add a flex position for years? Here are the stats to back you up. I talked with six of the biggest league services to find out what league characteristics their customers’ leagues are comprised of. (Spoiler alert: Over 50 percent of leagues use a flex.)

Don’t Be That Guy – 12 Comments that Fantasy Football Owners Hate

  • Christian Hardy handpicks 12 comments that make you want to punch a fellow Fantasy owner in the throat.

40 FREE Fantasy Football Draft Tools

  • We’ve been building up this list over the past month or so – and now the tools are finally all in one place!

Interesting Fantasy Football League Names for 2013

  • My man Kitchen has been churning out hundreds of customized draft boards for Fantasy leagues since midsummer. He came across some absolutely awesome league names that we think you’ll love.

Different Types of Daily Fantasy Games

  • Dan Gaspar shares some of the more common Daily Fantasy Football games available to play at different sites. As you might know, Gaspar and Kitchen works with FantasyInsiders.com, and I write for DFSEdge.com. Two great spots for daily fantasy info this season!

Ask Your Fantasy Football Expert: Bob Harris

  • Zach Law has done dozens of great interviews with Fantasy personalities for his new e-book, There Still is No Off Season: Interviews 51-100. Here’s a great interview with one of the nicest guys in the industry – FootballDiehards.com’s Bob Harris.

Fantasy Lagniappe: Same Hobby, Different Collection

  • In the final column of the first issue, I take a nostalgic look back at our industry and compare it to another hobby – collecting sports cards.

Hopefully, you’ll agree that the very first “Fantasy Sports Journal” is jampacked with entertaining articles and information. As we mentioned, it’s FREE – but we’d be grateful if you share the link to the PDF — http://fntsy.co/fsj-1-1 — so we can get more readers, and build up even better content for our second issue – which we’re scheduling for late in the football season.

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