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How I Turned $3 into $20,000 and a Trip to Vegas

This post is from Ben Pritchett, former writer of The Hardball Times, FSWA member, and now baseball and football contributor for FantasySports.org. The spreadsheets that he refers to are a part of the Fantasy Sports Membership benefits.

I first heard of daily fantasy sports in 2010. Though still relatively new, I thought the concept was cool. However, after dabbling with Fanduel and Draftstreet, I decided that I was a better yearly player and only used daily fantasy for those days when I needed some extra competition. I would’ve never thought that two years later, I would win $20,000 in one day… while in Vegas.

Down to $3

On Saturday November 11, 2012, I lost about 150 dollars on college football to leave 3 dollars of profit in my Draftstreet account. I was pretty much done with daily fantasy for the moment but decided to throw the remaining 3 dollars in an NBA tourney that night. I knew my life-long friend and college roommate David Kitchen (a.k.a. “Socrdave”) had invented a value method spreadsheet that was proving very profitable for him in NBA and NFL particularly.

I hated bumming his spreadsheets for competitive pride, but in this case, I needed help. After some minor prodding, David sent me the sheets. In a last ditch effort, I put $2 into a 55-man tournament. I finished 2nd, and my $3 grew to $24. I had not kept up with the NBA at all to that point in the year. These sheets were the sole reason I found success.

Going for It All

I decided to go for it all and enter the $22 “Qualifer” on Draftstreet for Week 10 in the NFL. The winner of the 1000 man tournament would win a trip to Vegas and a chance to compete for the $100,000 grand prize in the DraftStreet Football Championship.

Turns out my decision to go for it all paid off. After sweating out that night’s Chiefs-Steelers contest, I proved to be the victor. I was ready for Vegas and the DSFBC.

From $3 to $20,000

At the main event in Las Vegas, those spreadsheets played a huge part in deciding that Aaron Rodgers was a great value play in Week 16. It’s pretty amazing that you need sheets to help you with that conclusion, but nobody else rostered ARod for the DSFC. I finished third and walked away with a $20,000 paycheck, not to mention an all-expense paid trip to Vegas.

Ben and his wife celebrate their 3rd place finish at the DSFBC in Las Vegas.

Ben and his wife celebrate their 3rd place finish at the DSFBC in Las Vegas.

Playing very little money, I won an additional 1,000 in profit over the remainder of the NFL season. I decided I needed to aggressively pursue DFS in all sports from that day forward. Without Socrdave’s spreadsheets, I would not have had the success I’ve had. It seems like the majority of fantasy football players think they are the best, but I really did feel like those spreadsheets were my secret weapon. Combined with my fantasy skill, they’ve made me unstoppable… or at the very least, $20,000.

I’m excited about writing for FantasySports during baseball and football season. I told him I would do it as payment so that I could have access to this holy grail of daily fantasy tools!

My advice to you as the consumer: don’t let your competition be a member of FantasySports.org and you not be. You will lose.

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