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Fantasy Gameday

Great Places to Visit on Fantasy Gameday

Finally, the drafting is over, Fantasy Gameday is here – and we’re going to look at a bunch of different spots for you to check out during, before and after kickoff.

This page will be updated throughout the day! So check it out – and feel free to tweet me some places you like to go to on Fantasy Gameday – after you’ve read my Start/Sit column on SI.com, of course!

Fantasy Gameday: BEFORE Kickoff

#Twitter12 Fantasy Football Writers

This list was posted in our inaugural Fantasy Sports Journal quarterly newsletter (sign up, it’s free and full of great articles and features). These are the 12 best Fantasy Football tweeters in the industry, and they’ll be cranking out great info and updates throughout the day and night.

RotoWorld’s NFL Headlines

Keep a close eye here for the big player news items everyone needs to know about before game time. I thought it was interesting to see the Bengals’ front office guys on RotoWorld during the final episode of “Hard Knocks,” this past week. Very cool for our industry.

CBSSports.com’s Injuries and Inactives

When I worked at CBSSports.com, we’d start calling teams every morning around 11am to get the inactives for the 1pm games. Some teams posted them later than that, but usually, by noon, everyone knew who was going to be in cleats and who would be in street clothes during kickoff.

Yahoo! Sports “Fantasy Football Live” Pregame Radio Show, 9am ET

This newly rebranded baby kicks off at 9am every Sunday morning, with Brad Evans and Brandon Funston – two of my favorite Fantasy veterans. And they answer live questions called and tweeted into them. (What’s interesting is that this show is produced in California, which means these guys are cranked up at 6am on a Sunday. Kudos to them!) Very cool. They break down each game and look at the day ahead.

You can call them at (800) 777-2907 or tweet them your questions @YSRFFL

DFSEdge.com Answers Your Questions About Daily Fantasy Football

This is great, since you can ask questions specifically about the Daily Fantasy site you’re using, as all of them have different salaries assigned for each player. It’s a great spot to ask a question and get some investment advice.

NumberFire.com’s J.J. Zachariason Answers Questions

Post your Start/Sit, roster or injury questions at NumberFire.com and let J.J. steer you in the right direction. He’s the man behind the LateRoundQB.com e-book, and he has a great eye for analysis and numbers.

TheFakeFootball.com Answers Questions

Love these guys — they do a great job, with some informative pieces. Always good reads, too. Post your Fake Football question and they’ll hook you up!

Fantasy Football Reddit

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a bigger, free-er, online Fantasy Football community than the Redditors. Rather than just post your questions, you can get involved in the discussion and help others to a Fantasy Football win.

CBSSports.com’s Fantasy Football Today, 11am ET

Jamey Eisenberg, Dave Richard and host Jason Horowitz will be doing their pregame shows live online now, and they have an extra special guest now, with Chad Johnson joining the team. Ochocinco joins the Fantasy crew with what I’m sure will end up being some irreverent commentary on players and teams every Sunday.

ESPN’s Fantasy Football Now, 11am ET

At 11am ET, Matthew Berry, Stephania Bell, Tim Hasselbeck and Co., get together for ESPN’s Fantasy Football morning show. Berry is coming off a crazy summer in which he published his “fantastic” book, “Fantasy Life,” and there’s no question that he’s the face of the industry. Watch this show on ESPN2 or online at WatchESPN.com.

It’s hard to even believe that multiple Fantasy morning shows exist, considering about 13 years ago, there was just one crappy weekly show on regional sports channels. I think Brady Tinker was on it? He was fine, but it was excruciatingly little information in the middle of the week.

NFL Fantasy Live, 11:30am ET

Once again, FSWA Hall of Famer Michael Fabiano leads the NFL Network and NFL.com Fantasy crew for their morning preview of the day’s events. Jason Smith does a great job as host, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Akbar Gbajabiamila on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior. (Love that show.) These guys have a lot of fun on set, and they’re fun to watch. This is live Sunday mornings online only now.

More to come today – tweet me your favorite spots to go before, during and after the games!

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