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Gabbing About Fantasy Football: 8/7/2014 Edition

Thought I’d use this post as an opportunity to chat about some of my own podcast/hangout work and highlight what’s happened this week.

On Monday, I completed a double feature. I was invited back to the Perusing the Perimeter #ffsummit series with “T”, aka WHUDEY on Twitter and Slim Cliffy, another dirty Canadian in the fantasy biz. The #ffsummit series is an opportunity for T to talk to a ton of industry folks and get their takes on the 2014 season. When I’m on a podcast, I’m generally there to talk about my interview series and the Titans.

On Monday, we tried something completely different, talking about my interviews and the St. Louis Rams. It didn’t take me much research to find out that outside of Zac Stacy, there’s a whole lot of potential fantasy heartbreak on the Rams’ roster. If you rated the NFL starting QBs in order of “fun to draft in fantasy”, Sam Bradford is close to the bottom. Trusting any receiver in a Brian Schottenheimer/Jeff Fisher offense is a fool’s errand. We did get to talk about T’s favorite player, the #ginjaninja aka Andy Dalton and his new contract. Dalton went 27 picks after Jake Locker in the 2011 draft. I’ll go cry now.

The second part of my Monday interactions was a continuation of my “Ask Your FF Expert” Google + Hangout series. I wanted to do an “exit interview” with Jonathan Vandersluis, who has recently stepped away from Top Team Fantasy. I had two previous “exit interviews” scheduled but before I could do it, the interviewee had found a new fantasy writing gig. I’m pretty sure that Jonathan will write in 2014, but it won’t be in a “site master” role. He’s a good guy and we talked about the industry as a whole and his decision to step away, at least temporarily. The dude’s a rocket scientist, so being the 300,000th guy to publish a fantasy football top 100 ranking list may not be the best use of his big brain. Listen in.

Finally, I have a regular Wednesday (sometimes Thursday) night date to talk about the Tennessee Titans with “Sports by” Sharona. We call the show “Going for 2″. Sharona has so many fantasy and regular football writing and talking gigs that I can’t even start. She attended the Pro Football Hall of Fame weekend (credentialed, I’m so jealous) with fellow NFL Female writers. We chatted about her weekend, then moved on to the Titans. There’s not a ton of new news, but I brought up the idea that most people already assume that Jake Locker will get hurt and “when” that happens, the Titans are screwed. I agree, but I think that any NFL team is screwed if they lose their starting QB.

We covered the always excellent Deadspin “Why Your Team Sucks” series, talking about the Titans, or as they call it, “football wallpaper”. As a fan, it’s important to read these articles and note your reaction based on how you feel about them making fun of other teams versus them making fun of your team. Have a sense of humor, everyone.

Sharona’s been going to a lot of the team’s open practices so she has more insight than I do about their open starting jobs. I joked that the one Tyler Wilson pass I saw in the Titans/Falcons joint practice I attended on Monday could have been timed with an egg timer, so there wasn’t much lost when he was cut. Neither of us are Team Mettenberger, but the team needs to give him more practice reps. We all love Justin Hunter and Sharona defended Delanie Walker when I mentioned the two drops I saw from him on Monday.

We transitioned to fantasy football and I talked about some late-round picks to target in keeper leagues. I’m in a keeper league and they don’t get a lot of love in the “bidness”. It’s a fun show and I have to stay on my toes because Sharona knows her “shut your mouth” and is generally sharper because I go through an average of two beers per show.

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