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Introducing Zach Law

My name is Zach Law and I am funky. If you must go with the flippant phrase, I prefer ‘lay down the Law.’ I’m not much of a fan of ‘I am the Law’.


I have been working in this fantasy industry since 2005, when I was on the staff at a site called xpertsports.com. That’s right, no “e” there, because that’s how hard-core we were. I won the staff 2 QB fantasy league with Jake Plummer and Mike Vick. I was so good that I retired as champion and didn’t write about fantasy except for my piddly blog. Over the years I’ve written for Bleacher Report, Football.com, and the Sports Daily. My base of operations is zachlawonline.com, where I am in season three of the Ask Your Fantasy Football Expert series. This series will continue on FantasySports.org.

I am originally from Pittsburgh, although I am not a Steelers fan because I’m not that smart. I root for the Titans, partially because that’s where my parents live now, and I get up to a few games a year. My parents say that I only talk to them during football season, but that’s not true. I also talk to them as the NFL Draft approaches.

Fantasy sports is a year-round operation. Fantasy football is becoming that as well. It’s everywhere and it never stops. Ten years ago you might struggle to find fantasy football information in July. Now you have to decide where to get your information. The idea behind the site is to give you a view into the industry. Get to know the experts, and the people who don’t like being called ‘expert’. We’ll keep the interview train going. We’ll talk strategy from redraft to keeper to dynasty to auction. We’ll talk fantasy football sites, from the free to the premium and what you’re getting for that premium price (enough content to choke a medium-sized cow, usually). We’ll talk about different kinds of leagues. You don’t have to do a Yahoo/ESPN 10-team standard league anymore. Creativity is stepping up. I have yet to find a league with long-snappers, but if one emerges, you’ll know about it.

I’ll talk about my experiences, including this year’s 14th annual local keeper draft and a dynasty league that has owners in England and Germany. I recently completed my first MFL10 and I’m thisclose from finishing the epic 2014 Scott Fish Bowl league with a staggering 240 total owners and four painful flex spots.

There will be nonsense. The NFL Sunday Ticket package just added a fantasy-specific channel for 2014. I believe they made an egregious error in their hosts, so I will display my suggested lineup for such a channel, featuring a lot of my favorite fantasy minds.

In closing, thank you for your time and attention. FSO will be the site that starts your fantasy journey. Get to know your fellow fantasy obsessives, the #degenerates who will help you win cash, prizes, and potentially true love. Follow me on Twitter. Trust me, it’s worth every penny.


Yes, that picture is of me and Matthew Berry. No, I am not sitting in his lap.

Zach Law is the editor of FantasySports.org. He likes the Tennessee Titans, dark beer, and America.



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