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National Draft Week – Free Fantasy Football Stuff

We are declaring this week…. National Fantasy Football Draft Week!

Some have said that Saturday is National Draft Day, but why stop there? Fantasy Football should have multiple days dedicated to the draft, one of the more fun things tied to this obsession/hobby that we enjoy so much.

Free Fantasy Football Stuff!

Everyone likes free stuff… Below are options for:

  • Free Fantasy Football T-Shirts
  • Free Custom Draft Board
  • Free Roster PDF
  • Free entry to $1000 tournament

Free Fantasy Football T-Shirts

Get a chance to win one of our “The Original” Fantasy Football shirts.

fantasy football shirts

There will be multiple opportunities to win shirts. Make sure you’re following us on Twitter (@FantasySports), Facebook, and signed up for our e-mail.

You can enter now for a free shirt by retweeting this:

Free Custom Draft Board with a $30 FanDuel Deposit

If you’ve never played on FanDuel, now would be a great time to play. If you deposit $30 using this link, you’ll get a free custom draft board ($50 value with shipping included).

If you just want a generic board, just deposit $20.

Already playing on FanDuel? Then you know how awesome it is. Tell one of your league members to deposit and get the deal. Win win!

Just to recap: You get a free draft board kit by depositing money with the chance to win more money.

Free Generic ROSTER TEAM Cheat Sheet PDF

If you’ve ordered a draft board from us, you have a personalized cheat sheet already. We also have generic sheets so that you and your league mates can keep up with who you’ve drafted. It’s great for live drafts.

fantasy football team cheat sheet

If you’ve been around for a while, you probably know the feeling of scrambling around for a piece of paper (or a pizza greased paper towel) to write down your team after you’ve drafted.

With the Roster Cheat Sheet, you can record:

  • Your league’s draft order
  • On the draft order box, keep up with others’ position picks with a simple tally system
  • Write down the order of your team, including bye weeks
  • Play with who you’ll be starting and who will be on your bench, also including bye weeks
  • Write down all the players you’ve drafted by position

Feel free to use all of the roster sheet, OR just use it to record your draft picks.

$1000 Free Roll on FanDuel

Fantasy Insiders is a daily fantasy research and community site launching Week 1 of the NFL season. They’re celebrating with this free entry $1000 Tournament on FanDuel. So you don’t even have to deposit. Just enter who you think will have a great Week 1.



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