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Free Fantasy Draft Tools

8 More Fantastic Free Fantasy Draft Tools – Pt 5

So here we are, over one month in, and we’re still coming across some awesomely free Fantasy draft tools to help you out in the 2013 Fantasy Football season.

We’ve gone through tons of websites and links and emails and newsletters. We’re up to 40 total free Fantasy draft tools, all of which will either help you before, during or after your draft. In the end, we know they’re going to help you get closer to bringing home a trophy in your fake football world.

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8 More Free Fantasy Draft Tools – Pt 5

You know what’s awesome? Free. You know what’s awesome-r? Fantasy Football.

33. FootballGuys.com’s Average Draft Position For Several Sites

Consider this thing – the average of average draft positions! In other words, they pull in their own expert rankings, as well as the ADPs from drafts on CBSSports.com, ESPN, FantasyFootballCaclulator.com, MyFantasyLeague.com and RTSports. Then it all gets averaged out into one table that you can sort by position. You can’t get any more average-r than that!

34. FantasyPros.com’s Bye Week Cheat Sheet

Look, I know we have a lot of tools by these guys – but they’re good – and they’re free! What are you complaining about!?! This page is good to have on hand during your draft so you don’t accidentally draft Steven Jackson, Lamar Miller and Jacquizz Rodgers together, since they all have a Week 6 bye. (I’m not a huge fan of avoiding players with the same bye weeks, but many are – so use this.)

35. FantasyFootballRankings.com’s Cheatsheet Generator

If you’re reading five articles about free Fantasy draft tools, then it’s pretty safe to say, you’re a diehard Fantasy Football player. That also means you’ve likely filled out your own spreadsheets at different points, and created your own cheatsheets. Well, this tool saves you a ton of work. You can move guys up and down as you like, add notes, mark them as injured or players you want to target – whatever you want. You can export your rankings or even share them if you want.

36. ProFootballFocus.com’s ReFocus – Preseason Game Recaps

That’s right – these guys have gone in and broken down each preseason game – many of which the day after the games ended. Let’s pick a random one – HOU at MIN, by Sam Monson. My man dropped over 1,100 words on you. That’s 11 100s! Each review has three performances of note for each team, and offered solid, opinionated analysis.

“I imagine most people will talk up the performance of DeAndre Hopkins, and that catch for a touchdown was certainly a nice play, but in truth I thought he was fairly average aside from that and I was far more impressed by the outings of Matt Schaub’s two backups: T.J. Yates(+3.5) and Case Keenum (+2.8).” – Monson

They also share some game notes, and choose a player to give the PFF Game Ball to.

37. Adjusted Fantasy Points Per Target from 4for4.com

I love this chart – it measures a wideout’s productivity adjusted for the quality of his quarterback. They broke down 116 wide receivers with at least 30 targets last season. Essentially, this tool will help you find out which wide receivers might receive a boost in Fantasy production if they have a better QB in 2013. (Spoiler alert: Dwayne Bowe and Michael Floyd rank highly!) You can also take a look at Fantasy Points Per Target for wide receivers that didn’t see a change in QB here.

38. TheDCTimes.com’s 100 Fantasy Football Tips in 100 Days

Jonathan Bales, @BalesFootball, one of the rising stars in the Fantasy industry right now, started this series back on May 30, which is where the link sends you. He’s up to Day No. 77 on Aug. 12. The tips are more than just – wait on QBs! They are some nice pieces with some meat on their bones. This guy impresses me. I kinda want to punch him for that.

39. DynastyLeagueFootball.com’s “The DLF Dynasty Podcast”

DLF Dynasty League Football Podcast - Free Fantasy Draft ToolsJarrett Behar and Tim Stafford talk each week about keepers and rookies and sleepers and everything you want to know about non-yearly leagues. (Here’s a little nugget I found out today: 5.5 percent of ESPN’s leagues last year were keeper leagues that rolled over from 2011.)

I got a chance to be a guest on Behar/Stafford’s podcast last summer – and loved it.

These guys are great, and a must-listen for anyone that likes to look ahead – even those in non-keeper leagues.

40. TheFakeFootball.com’s Drafting Tiers

Smart drafters use tiers. Period. Don’t ever go into a draft thinking you have to robotically go down a draft list. You want flexibility, and that’s what a great set of draft tiers gives you. Draft one of the last players in the highest tiers at every position and you’ll be all right. They also have a set of Draft Tiers for PPR Leagues – coming soon.

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There you have it! We might have some more great Free Fantasy Draft tools for you next week, but after listing 40, we’re as shocked as you are. Tweet @DavidGonos or comment on this page to let me know about a free tool I’m missing! When I’m not writing about tools (he said tools), I’m writing about yearly Fantasy Sports on DavidGonos.com and Daily Fantasy Sports at DFSEdge.com.

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