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Top 100 Fantasy Players, Football.com

Football.com announces Top 100 Fantasy Players, #FFTop100

Jake Ciely and the staff at Football.com released their second set of 20 players Thursday, counting down the Top 100 Fantasy Players for 2013, ranked by two dozen Fantasy writers from across the industry. They counted down the top 100 players last week, from 100 down to 81, and they just released the top 80-61 players.

DeSean Jackson, Top 100 Fantasy Players

Eagles WR DeSean Jackson checks in at No. 88 in the first set of rankings from Football.com. Photo Credit: TWG1942

Readers can follow the countdown on their site, but also follow the discussion on Twitter at #FFTop100.

This is different from other “consensus rankings,” according to Jake Ciely, the Fantasy Football Senior Editor at Football.com. “It’s also a ranking with each expert’s opinions on which player from that set of 20 is overrated or underrated, and who is their favorite for 2013,” he said.

Football.com has recently expanded their Fantasy coverage. “We’re not just fantasy, or even just NFL,” said Ciely. “We’re Fantasy Football, NFL, NCAA and NFL Draft all year long! It’s the one site finally designed for the football fan from every angle. And that is why we have the #FFTop100 — because it’s the ultimate list for the Fantasy Football fan.”

The site posted the first set of 20 players on July 12, and they plan to post another set of 20 every Thursday, until Aug. 8, when they’ll post the final four players to finish the rankings and analysis.

”Back in the early ‘90s, I used to take all of those rankings, average them together, and get a “consensus” list. It was mathematical. How you do you get the best average? You eliminate the extremes. Heading into this season, I thought, ‘Why not do what I did in the old days (pre-expert if you will), but grab 20-plus fellow experts that I trust and create our own Top 100 Fantasy players!?!’ It would be the ultimate Top 100 Fantasy Football list coming from the greatest minds in the industry … plus, it saves those stat geeks like me a ton of time.” – Jake Ciely, Football.com

Ciely said that readers have become “enamored” with the list because not only is it a time saver, but the site has assembled the best of the best to contribute to this list. “You can find each individual’s rankings,” said Ciely, “but more often than not, you don’t get the added insight.”

A smart thing a reader can do is to check out the rankings, but also follow the hashtag on Twitter: #FFTop100. This is where readers and writers are continuing the discussion, whether it’s a debate about the Top 100 Fantasy players ranked too high or too low, or a conversation about an individual writer’s specific analysis.

Follow the rankings at Football.com, #FFTop100 and @Football_com. You can also follow me, @DavidGonos.

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