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Top 5 Reasons To Use Twitter (for Fantasy Sports)

Don’t be a Fantasy Rookie: Get a Twitter Account

Remember a few years ago when you would rush to your fantasy league’s free agent pool after hearing breaking news on the radio or watching it on ESPN? While some people still rush to their FA pool, they now find out that the new “must-have” player has already been picked up, and that the proverbial pool is bone dry. One major reason? Twitter.

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Here are five major reasons why a Twitter account will help your fantasy game:

#1. Be the first to know about breaking news.

In today’s world, news is being broken first on Twitter. Why? Because it’s instant, and everyone wants credit for getting the story out first. If you follow any “insider” worth their salt, they will have either broken or retweeted the news. This is especially valuable if you are in a league where free agents are first come, first served.

Example: Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter), NFL Insider for ESPN

#2. Stay informed.

If you have a favorite website or blog that you read, chances are that the website and/or the author is on Twitter. The majority of websites/authors on Twitter will tweet out the link to the story because they want more readers. By following these fantasy sports sites/writers, they’ll not only tell you about new articles, but they also give short snippets of advice/opinions and other stories that they find interesting.

Example: Sigmund Bloom (@SigmundBloom), FootballGuys.com Writer

#3. The ol’ “Game Time Decision.”

If you’ve been playing any sort of fantasy sports long enough, you’ve probably been bitten by these three letters: DNP. Did Not Play. And many times, a DNP occurred after a player was a GTD (Game Time Decision). Now, you get up to the minute news on starting lineups. In fact, there are sole Twitter accounts whose sole purpose is to tweet out starters. With baseball, you generally know well ahead of time who is starting, but with the NBA and NFL, there are frequently last minute scratches to the starting lineups.

Warning: Some of these accounts will blow up your Twitter Timeline, so if you don’t want to weed too much, just follow an insider. They’ll usually have the scoop on major lineup changes before game time.

Example: RotoWorld (@Rotoworld_FB, @RotoWorldBB, @Rotoworld_BK)

#4. Interaction

One of the coolest features of Twitter is that it allows you to interact with some of your favorite sports writers. Reply to their Tweets, ReTweet their tweets with your own opinion, or just ask them a question. Gone are the days of the “mail bag” where you had to submit a question via e-mail, only to see that it wasn’t answered when the article came out at the end of the week.

Please also note that being interactive/sociable is completely optional and not a requirement for having a Twitter account)

Another component that Twitter has brought is the “WDIS” factor. WDIS stands for “Who do I start?” If you are having trouble which pitcher or which receiver to start, submit your question to a handful of fantasy sports experts. Generally you’ll get at least once response containing advice.

Example: Josh Moore (4for4_Josh), Owner/Writer 4for4Football.com

#5. Entertainment

Above all, remember that Twitter is fun. It has something major in common with fantasy sports… it enhances the sports experience. Find funny videos, amazing replays, and unusual stories across your timeline.

You’ll also enjoy using Twitter as a “secondary monitor” during nationally televised games. Along with watching the game, see commentary about the game, live reports (or “live tweeting”) from people at the game, and interact with other fans.

Example: Terez Owens (@TerezOwens) and (@TOFantasySports)[hr]

Do you use Twitter for Fantasy Sports? If so, tell us in the comments below who your favorite follows are…

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