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One fantasy football league is better than another fantasy football league

Five Reasons to Have Multiple Fantasy Teams

One fantasy football league is better than another fantasy football league

It’s Thanksgiving. The food is great, but you are still unfulfilled. An NFL game is currently playing on the flat screen in the living room, but your interest is not peaked. In fact, the game is a painful reminder of what might have been. Yep, this is a classic case of “No-Fantasy-Playoff-Chance-itis.”

While it’s not curable, it certainly is preventable. The answer? Be involved in multiple fantasy football leagues.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting in more leagues..

1. Injuries.

If you drafted Jamaal Charles or Peyton Manning last year (before his neck issue was really revealed), your team was not as good as you certainly thought when you first drafted. Peyton of course didn’t play a snap and Jamaal Charles went down on his second rush attempt of the second game of the season.

Injuries play a big factor in fantasy sports, and when you only have one team, there is even more risk. One wrong turn by your stud player could cost you the enjoyment of fantasy football for the rest of the season.

2. Cushion the Heartbreak.

We all have that league that is near and dear to our hearts. The league with your college buds or work colleagues. The league where a championship not only means a few dollars, but a lifetime of bragging rights.

Having teams in multiple leagues IS NOT cheating on your first love league. You still can put the majority of your time and efforts in your main league. However, if your performance in your main league is terrible, you can cushion the heartbreak by having teams that are actually doing good in other league. No, this doesn’t alleviate the heartbreak, that’s impossible. But it does provide a little bit of cushion and provide proof that “hey, you still got it.”

3. Diversity

There are plenty of ways to play fantasy football. Not that there is anything wrong with using the default Yahoo or ESPN settings, but multiple leagues often bring diversity. Experiment with keeper or dynasty leagues. Change the scoring up and use PPR (points per reception) or sort the standings by using Victory Points.

If you find yourself really enjoying another league’s rules, bring those possible changes up to your main league. Or, just start your own. Providing that the requirements are reasonable, you should have no problems finding people that want to join your league. (If they say that they are already in a league, point them to this article).

4. Get More Mileage Out of Your Materials

You’ve done your research for your draft. You have your cheat sheets/magazines and your subscription to one (or more) fantasy football sites (see a list here). Why not put all that research and time into another draft and another league?

Anything less is just…well…wasteful.

5. Competition

The biggest way that fantasy football gets you hooked is the competition that it brings. No one likes to lose their fantasy football games and everyone wants to win. That’s the beauty of fantasy sports. You
watch a game while playing a game.

The bottom line: more leagues mean more competition.

Too Many Leagues

Yes, there are some cons to having too many leagues. You’re cheering for AND against players sometimes. You can’t devote all the time necessary to be successful in each league.

So this requires some balance. Don’t feel like you HAVE to go from one league to ten leagues. Depending on time/money, most people can handle three separate leagues. Some might prefer less and some might prefer more.

Bottom Line: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. The law of averages says that by having multiple teams, you increase your chance of fantasy success. And success means that the Thanksgiving turkey and fixings will taste that much sweeter.

Agree / Disagree? Tell us below in the comments as well as how many leagues that you’re involved in.

 Don't Put All of Your Fantasy Football Eggs in One Basket.




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