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Mock Draft World Championship

FFToolbox.com’s $5 Mock Draft World Championship

In short, mock drafts are a no-obligation way to prepare yourself for your Fantasy Football league. It’s a commodity that’s become bigger and bigger year after year. In 2013, it’s been taken to the next level by throwing money into the equation. Uh-oh! Money?

That’s right. And FFToolbox.com is one of the few sites to incorporate money into a mock draft setting. They call it the Mock Draft World Championship.

How It Works

After your simulated mock draft, you can view your draft board and enter the championship.

After your simulated mock draft, you can view your draft board and enter the championship.

It’s pretty self-explanatory. First choose, your draft. PPR or non-PPR? 10-team or 12-team? After this choice, You’ll be directed to a no-obligation mock draft room. It’s not a true mock draft lobby, but a simulator — DraftWizard hosted by FantasyPros. It’s a self-explanatory app and is very easy to use. Next you will draft your teams you can see on the right, the rosters are deep, and the team took me about 10 minutes to draft. Afterwards (also on the right), you can choose to pay $5 to enter the Mock Draft Championship. As you can see, this team wouldn’t be a good one to enter — mainly because my back-up quarterback is Blaine Gabbert.

If you don’t like your team (say, I don’t know, you’re forced to draft Blaine Gabbert), that’s cool! You don’t have to pay and you can try again. Call it a mulligan.

What Am I Playing For?

Once your draft is over and you have paid the $5, that’s it; you’re in the championship. Essentially, it’s a best-ball. The idea is very similar to MFL10s, but the cost $5 and you’re paired up with a group of computer drafters (smart computer drafters, if I must). There’s only one giant at the end of the season; the champion’s decision between $5,000 in cash or The Ultimate Fantasy Football Experience, which consists of an entry into the FFToolbox Fantasy Football World Championship, three nights at the Tower Suites Penthouse in the Mirage Hotel and Casino, two round-trip tickets to Las Vegas, and $1,000 in spending cash.

In addition to the above prizes, FFToolbox has thrown in the below prizes:

1-5th Place –  Free 2014 Rotobowl Team (valued $279 each)

6-10th Place –  $100 game Credit

11-50th place – $25 game credit

51-75th place – $10 premium content credit

76th-100th place – $5 Mock Draft World Championship credit

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