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Featured League… The Shake and Bake League

League Name: The Shake and Bake League

Fantasy Sport? Football

Reason for the Name: The movie Talladega Nights was popular and the name just kind of stuck.

How long has the league been going? 7 years

Format: 12 team Keeper League

How does the Keeper System work? You get to keep a maximum of two players from the previous year, as long as they were drafted in Round 5 or later of the draft. Whatever round they were drafted in the year before is the pick that you give up for them.

Who hosts the league? We’ve used Yahoo, RT Sports, and ESPN. We might try and shake things up again this year.

Type of Draft? Live draft with draft software on the projector (we’ve done FanDraft and ESPN offline software).

Special Media? Last year we had a 12-page “League Draft Kit,” which had player bios, records, details of the draft, league rules, etc. We also have a weekly Shake and Bake newsletter during the season, which keeps a running total and features interesting stories from the message board throughout the week.

How was the Newsletter created? Adobe InDesign

What are some fun ways that members participate? The SnB league has weekly polls, as well as frequent message board discussions. Contests include a weekly “Pick ‘Em” contest where we place predictions on the winner of the week’s six league games. A running total is kept and the winner gets a few bucks.

We also have frequent “Caption Contests” where we post embarrassing pictures of league members. Since we’ve all known each other since either high school or college, there is no shortage of pictures.

Last season we also had a few Weekly games via FanDuel where we competed against each other.

Scoring? Basic .5 PPR with yardage bonuses (4 pts thrown TD, 6 pts rushing/passing TD, 1 pt every 10 yds rushing/receiving, half pt. for every reception + 2 bonus pts if a RB/WR breaks 100 yds or QB throws over 300 yds)

Playoffs? Last year we adopted a model from RT Sports. Six teams make the playoffs, but the last playoff spot goes to whoever has the most points scored between teams ranked 6-12. More balanced that way.

Give a brief explanation of the dynamics of the league: The league keeps getting better and better each year. We always feel like we have to outdo the previous year. The league has helped to keep all the guys stay in touch. Last year we used a lot of video and it was great. Trash talk, edit a movie with iMovie and upload it to YouTube (make sure you set the privacy settings to only users with links can see the video).

We also have many side bets, whether it be embarrassing or money, that keep things interesting. But in the end it’s all about having your name etched on the big trophy…. and avoiding having the dreaded toilet seat (literally a toilet seat that has the worst player’s name on it).



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