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Fantasy Review: DynastyLeagueFootball.com – Dynasty League Fantasy Football

Dynasty League Fantasy Football – Fantasy in the Offseason

There once was a man. This man loved football. He didn’t just love the wings and the beer on Sunday. No, he loved it all. Free agency, the draft, the offseason practices, training camps – he was on top of all of it. Of course, being a football fan, this man loved Fantasy Football,  he was in a number of leagues with his family, his co-workers, and many others. But he was missing something: Fantasy Football in the offseason.

The man who loved football wanted more Fantasy Football – he was a degenerate, just like you and I. So he found a way for Fantasy Football to be important, even when the NFL season wasn’t – dynasty league Fantasy Football.

Of course, our little anecdote isn’t true, but it gave a good overview of what dynasty Fantasy Football is: Fantasy Football, all the time, with no offseason. Not only must you keep up on the news cycle to see who is trending up or down in the offseason, there’s free agency, the rookie draft, and sometimes contract and salary cap to deal with in a dynasty league.

That’s a lot more than your typical wings and beer draft.

New to dynasty? The internet has you covered. In fact, one site – DynatyLeagueFootball.com (DLF) – and their giant staff, led by Eric Dickens, does all of the work for you. So sit back, relax, and read DLF.


When it comes to content, it’s hard to find what DLF doesn’t cover. From news and the impact of said news, to medical analysis, to league set-ups, to players the staff likes and dislikes – most dynasty articles you can think of, you will find them in some form here.

Along with a whale’s mouth of dynasty topics, DLF provides their rankings, free of charge. The rankings are consensus, although the consensus rankings can be broken down into six sets of rankings from writers Derek Willett, Jacob Feldmen, Jaron Foster, Jeff Beran, Karl Safchick, and Mark Rockwell.

Dynasty League Fantasy Football rankings at DLF range from straight dynasty rankings by position (including Individual Defensive Players), to rookies, to average draft position from DLF mocks. These are some of the most in-depth and extensive rankings that you will find anywhere, guaranteed.

Premium Content

Ah yes, the DLF premium content. Although DLF is already at the top of the pyramid when it comes to dynasty football, the premium content takes their game to a whole other level. For a $20 yearly membership, DLF offers, well, a lot. Take a look for yourself on their Premium Content sign-up page.

The features include a hoist of draft preparation info, content, and tools. When it comes to the season, DLF brings personalized lineup advice, college prospect updates, IDP reports, and waiver wire reports, among other things. The premium content means a ad-free DLF, exclusive contests, and a free-pass to the premium-only forum area.

Other DLF Stuff

Two huge DLF features that deserve some mega props are the forum and the podcast. To start, one of the best football forums on the web. This place is always rolling. The advice and discussion is always flowing with answers from knowledgeable souls on your in-depth, personalized situation.

Forums give an owner the opportunity to really talk a situation through with many others and get many opinions, unlike Twitter, where one is limited to only 140 characters. It’s also a great resource to find a new dynasty league or if you are looking for a new dynasty owner.

Lastly but certainly not least is the DLF Dynasty Podcast. A year-long weekly show hosted on BlogTalkRadio, hosts Jarrett Behar and Tim Stafford dish out some of the best dynasty info out there along with a weekly guests from some of best sites in the business including the legendary Jim Day, Jamey Eisenberg of CBSSports.com, and many Rotoworld Fantasy Football experts. It’s an every week must-listen.


It’s simple. You want to start playing dynasty Fantasy Football? Keep your eyes and ears at DLF, their podcast, and forum at all times. Even dynasty vets can learn from take things away from what the guys at DLF do on a daily basis, as they continuously provide some of the best content in the Fantasy Football community.

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